Allan Taylor: Live In Belgium

Artikkelnr.: SFR 357.7062.2

Stockfisch Records - Audiofil Recording - 2 plater - Blu-ray og DVD

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Stockfisch Records

Et 2-disk sett med en DVD- og en Blu-ray-disk. Begge med utmerket lydkvalitet (stereo og 5-kanals), og Blu-ray formatet tillater toppmoderne bildekvalitet.



Beskrivelse fra produsenten:

During the shooting for the biographical documentary film about Allan Taylor´s life and work, Stockfisch had filmed a complete solo concert in Hoeilaart, Belgium. Although they had planned only to use a few clips, they decided to release this concert in nearly full length because Allan´s solo performance is really impressive. Therefore Stockfisch decided to release this concert in stunning HDV-quality and Stereo + 5.0-Sound. 


Allan Taylor om denne filmen:

"It was Günter Pauler from Stockfisch-Records who suggested that, as the concert in Hoeilaart (near Brussels) was to be filmed, I should choose the songs that charted my career of a life on the road. This meant going back to some of the older songs I had not played for some time, but in the hour or so before the concert I found time to run through the texts, the melodies and the chords of these songs that illustrated my journey."

"Normally when making a live CD or a film one records a few concerts and then edits together the best parts from them all. We only had one night so there was a lot of pressure to get it right, and I think we did."

Artist: Allan Taylor
Tittel: Live In Belgium
Sjanger: Singer Songwriter 
Plateselskap: Stockfisch-Records
Format: Blu-ray & DVD (2-disk sett)
Regionskode: Regionfri
Bildeformat: BR: 1080i60 - DVD: 480i60 | 16:9
lyd-format 5.0 DTS HD master audio/5.0 LPCM/2.0 LPCM
Nr. Låtnavn
01 Brighton Beach
02 The Stranger
03 Running On Dreams
04 The Traveller
05 The Morning Lies Heavy
06 The Veteran
07 Back Home
08 Win Or Lose
09 Los Compañeros
10 Colour To The Moon
11 The Beat Hotel
12 Crazy Amsterdam
13 Kerouac's Dream
14 Some Dreams

Total spilletid: 85 min