Allan Taylor: Lines - SIGNERT

Artikkelnr.: T.002S

T Records, Audiophile Recording - LP

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T Records


Recorded in 1988 at Strawberry Studios in Stockport (the Studio owned by the group 10CC). At the time this was one of the top five studios in Britain for quality of sound and equipment. Recorded partly analogue (24 track at 30ips) and digital (Mitsibushi 24 track).

Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) and cut to copper at Abbey Road Studio.

It was then pressed at Nimbus Pressing Plant in Wales (at that time the best pressing plant in Britain) - Premium quality vinyl.

Artist Allan Taylor
Tittel Lines 
Sjanger Singer Songwriter
Format Vinyl 
Antall plater 1
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap T Records
Utgivelsesdato 1988 
Platenummer T.002S 
Diverse Samleobjekt 
01       Chimes At Midnight  5:18 
02 Songdance  3:28 
03 Rubenstein Remembers  5:14 
04 Crazy Man  4:00 
05 Boy Becomes The Man 3:40 
06 Banjo Man 4:55
Nr SIDE 2  
01 Maybe Another Day  5:30 
02 The Veteran  5:10 
03 Gently Does It  4:08 
04 The Wall  5:00 
05 Flower In The Snow  3:00 
06 Jimmy`s Song  3:20