Allan Taylor: In The Groove

Artikkelnr.: SFR 357.8007.1

Stockfisch Records - Audiofil innspilling - 180g LP

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Stockfisch Records

Om Allan Taylor:

For 40 years Allan Taylor, born in Brighton in 1945, has been considered as the consummate performer, a writer of literary gracefulness whose troubadour chronicles encapsulate the realism of otherwise unsung heroes, otherwise uncharted lives. His songs are written from a lifetime of travelling; always the observer passing through, each song is a vignette of life, like a story told over a drink in a bar. Each has an integrity that tells you it comes from something real; characters come to life like people you know and places become as familiar as if you had been there.



Allan Taylor om dette albumet:

"I thought the vinyl format was finished. However, since I have been recording with Stockfisch Records and working with Günter Pauler I have become used to the supremely high criteria the work to, so when they suggested that we choose a few songs of mine from our catalogue for a release on vinyl I thought it was a great idea."

Artist  Alan Taylor
Tittel  In The Groove
Sjanger  Singer Songwriter
Format  Vinyl - 180g / 33 rpm
Antall plater  1
Lydkvalitet  Audiofil
Plateselskap Stockfisch Records 
Platenummer  SFR 357.8007.1
Spilletid  43:29
01       Brighton Beach     4:24
02 Back Home To You     4:43
03 Chimes At Midnight     4:06
04           Frenchtown     4:47
05 Red On Green     3:45
Nr SIDE 2  
01 Colour To The Moon     4:30
02 For Those We Knew      3:53
03 Leaving At Dawn    4:18
04 The Dove    3:06
05 Save The Last Dance For Me     5:50