Allan Taylor: Behind The Mix - Reissue 2017

Artikkelnr.: SFR 357.9001.2

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Allan Taylor: "Disse innspillingene fant sted under seansen for albumet mitt "Colour to the Moon" og ble inkludert som en bonus-CD i det begrensede samlersettet fra 2000. CD-en "Colour to the Moon" forblir i programmet den dag i dag Bonus-CDen «Behind the Mix» forsvant da spesialutgaven ble utsolgt.

Mange spurte stadig om CD-en «Behind the Mix», og derfor bestemte vi oss for å gi den ut på nytt i 2017. Da denne ideen ble realisert, satte jeg på denne CD-en for første gang på nesten 16 år (jeg hører aldri på mine egne CD-er etter at de er utgitt). Og jeg innså at Behind the Mix virkelig var et spesielt prosjekt - spesielt fordi så mange venner var involvert."


We have decided to re-release this ´Behind the Mix´ CD because so many people have asked us to make it available again. When the idea was first suggested to me I listened to it for the first time in almost sixteen years (I never listen to my CDs once they are released) and I realised that it is special for many reasons, but mainly because of the friends I worked with on it. What you hear on this CD is three musicians, Chris Jones on guitar, Grischka Zepf on bass and me on guitar and vocals, just having a good time in the studio playing a few songs.

Chris played on many of my recordings and we also played a few concerts together, including one special one at The Kennedy Centre in Washington, DC in 2003. Chris is no longer with us as he died in 2005. Grischka and I occasionally worked together on some recordings and then, along with Lutz Möller on piano, we made one tour of Germany in 2001.

Then there are a few anecdotes of my time with Alex Campbell followed by recollections of the times I spent with Derroll Adams, another dear friend and a great inspiration. I made a few programmes for the BBC in UK with various singer-songwriters, one of whom was Derroll. He and I recorded some songs together for BBC Scotland in Glasgow, and you will hear some of these songs on this recording. Derroll died on 6th February 2000."

Performing on the CD "Behind the Mix":
Allan Taylor - vocal & guitar / Chris Jones - guitar, dobro / Grischka Zepf - electric bass / Alex Campbell - vocal & guitar / Derroll Adams - vocal & 5string-banjo

Artist Allan Taylor 
Tittel Behind The Mix - Reissue 2017 
Sjanger Singer Songwriter 
Mastret av  
Format CD
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Stockfisch Records 
Utgivelsesdato 2000 / 2017 
Platenummer SFR 357.9001.2 
Spilletid 66:17 
Nr          TITTEL       TID
01 Nadine  5:05
02 The Tennessee Waltz  5:20
03 Save The Last Dance For Me  5:55
04 Story: Thinking Of Derroll Adams...  1:41
05 Banjo Man  4:57
06 Story: Thinking Of Alex Campbell...  6:49
07 Alex Campbell:When I Paint My Masterpiece  6:17
08 Story: Take Me With You, Ally...  3:26
09 Allan Taylor And Derroll Adams  3:37
10  Allan Taylor & Derroll Adams:Trouble In Mind  2:26
11 Allan Taylor & Derroll Adams:Let It Come, Let It Go  4:31
12 The Story Of "Portland Town " 3:44
13 Allan Taylor & Derroll Adams:Portland Town  3:15 
14 Story: Allan Says Goodbye To Derroll  7:00 
15 Derroll Adams:Memories 3:07