Export information

The record store (Vinyl and CD/SACD) The world
Black Magic Cables (audio and power cables) The world
Black Magic Cones (vibration / resonance control) The Wold
AlsyVox (loudspeakers) Denmark, Finland, Iceland, UK, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel
CODA Technologies (pre/phono/integr/power amplifiers) UK, Island, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Portogal, Greece, Israel
KRIX (loudspeakers) Sweden, Denmark

Shipping charges for export do not follow the Norwegian domestic charge. Contact us and we will calculate the shipping charge for every single order. Some shipments (for more expensive products) may be free of shipping charges when they are over a certain value. Feel free to send an e-mail for inquiry.

We are also looking for dealers in all countries.

Email: kontakt@pmaudio.no