Djabe: Witchi Tai To - 20th Anniversary Edition

Artikkelnr.: GR-132-1

Gramy Records - Audiophile Recording - Dobbel (2) 180g LP 45rpm - Nummerert!

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Gramy Records

2 x 180g black LP, 45RPM, half-speed cut from new analogue master tapes

Witchi Tai To was, and still is, one of the most successful albums of Djabe. Released in 1998, it became a yardstick for Hi-Fi and High-End enthusiasts because of its exceptional musical and sound quality. The 20-year old LP release, made in England, is still used for testing the highest category of musical equipments.

For the 20th anniversary of Witchi Tai To the label decided to make new records, outperforming even the original release in terms of quality, giving a truly unique experience to music lovers.


The album recorded by the 1997 – 2000 line-up of Djabe. András Sipos – vocal, percussion; Attila Égerházi – guitar; Tamás Barabás – bass guitar, Ferenc Muck – saxophone. Most of the track written by Attila Égerházi and András Sipos, but some compositions credited to Ferenc Muck. The title track, which is a cultic song by the North American Kaw indian saxophonist, Jim Pepper, arranged by Attila Égerházi.


Ferenc Muck – saxophone
Tamás Barabás – bass guitar
András Sipos – vocal, percussion

Ferenc Snétberger – guitar (A1)
Béla Szalóky – flugelhorn (D1)
Judit Herczeg – vocal (C2)

Witchi Tai To is the second album by Djabe released in 1998, and received the Best World Music Album Award in Hungary. 

Music lovers could get the music on cassette, 2CD and vinyl. The second disc of the double CD was made at the Abbey Road Interactive. Djabe always applied innovative media formats over the years. In 1998 the Enhanced CD was new on the market. The second disc of the album contained, besides the radio edit audio tracks, an interactive section with live videos, interviews, biography, discography and weblinks. The attractive digipak package was just introduced by the Van de Steeg Packaging in Holland. The third format of the album was the vinyl version. The LP was made in England, and cutting at the Abbey Road Studios.

The album soon became a popular test disc for High-End systems, as CD and LP formats too. It was a good option to compare the digital and the analogue versions.

Artist Djabe
Tittel Whitchi Tai Io - 20th Anniversary Edition
Sjanger World
Mastret av  
Pressing Plant Gramy Records
Format Vinyl - 180g / 45 rpm
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Gramy Records
Utgivelsesdato 2018
Platenummer GR-132-1
Diverse Nummerert 
01       Cofee Break 07:14
02 Ode 04:40
03 Visions 03:40
Nr SIDE 2  
01 Island  06:42
02 Gallop  03:56
03 Last Vision  04:11
Nr SIDE 3  
01 Desert  09:28
02 Odyssey  05:24
Nr SIDE 4  
01 Early Morning Snow  06:26
02 Witchi Tai To - Songwriter:Jim Pepper 06:52