Djabe: Update

Artikkelnr.: GR-135-1

Gramy Records - Audiophile Recording - Dobbel (2) 180g LP 45rpm

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Gramy Records

45 RPM Heavy weight vinyl, half-speed cut

A half-speed cut made in Abbey Road Studios by specialist Miles Showell, from the 2018 remastered analogue master tapes.

First album of the band renewed in 2001, Update won the eMeRTon Award right after its premiere in May – the professional jurors awarded the World Music Band of the Year to Djabe. This great success did not peak in only the award, as this is the album that brought the first foreign invitations for the band. Since then, Djabe performed in nearly 50 countries, for the joy of the audience.


After the 2001 reformation the band got a new soloist: Ferenc Kovács (trumpet, violin). Next to András Sipos (percussion) arrived the young and talented Szilárd Banai (drums) and made an excellent percussive duo. A position never existed before was filled by Zoltán Kovács (keyboard). Besides András Sipos two more remained from the old line-up: Tamás Barabás (bass guitar) and Attila Égerházi (guitar). Ferenc Muck (saxophone) left Djabe at the end of 2000. Between 1997-2000 Djabe’s sounding was vastly determined by saxophone, and so it had to be filled – and none other did but the Englishman Ben Castle, who expanded the band’s portfolio of instruments by his flute and bass clarinet. At Update’s recordings the Moroccan vocalist-percussionist Saïd Tichiti also appears, with his characteristically Moroccan folk music of gembri and vocal added an exotic flavor to the composition First Step.

The music gained complexity compared to the world music-dominated Djabe of 1996-2000 and made a turn towards jazz, largely because of Tamás Barabás’ compositions, most of them co-composed with Attila Égerházi.

Besides the eMeRTon Award, the CD was also nominated for the Hungarian Music Award, showing the band was still largely popular in its home country. Originally, the album released on casette and CD. In 2011 a new surround mix was made and released in single and double DVD-Audio versions (the second DVD contained the 2001 gig in Szolnok, Hungary in 5.1 mixing, and numerous documentaries and TV appearances). The 2011 Deluxe Edition was the same stereo mix of 2001, because the band was so satisfied with Tamás Barabás’ audio engineer job and did not want to touch it.

In 2018, Djabe decided to release the album on vinyl for the first time, in the best possible audio quality. For this project new analogue master tapes of the 2001 mix were made by Attila Égerházi. These tapes were the base for the works at Abbey Road Studios, London, where one of the best mastering and editing audio engineer worked on them, in the no. 30 editing room to make half-speed lacquer master discs. The half-speed cutting technique guarantees better audio quality compared to normal manufacturing, as the stylus cuts grooves much more precisely, with more audio data. The improved quality becomes even more significant at 45RPM (compared to the normal 33RPM) discs. This combined technique guarantees the best possible master disc for manufacturing. Djabe ordered the vinyl records from Europe’s best pressing plant, the Recording Industry, Netherlands. For the perfect audiophile experience both discs weight 180 grams. This technological prowess exceeded all expectations – Update never sounded better. It became a real yardstick of hi-fi test discs.
Even at 45RPM, there is no need for frequent side turns as all four sides have a 15 min or longer play time.

Featured musicians:

Tamás Barabás (bass guitar, synthesizer, percussion)
Attila Égerházi (guitar, guitar synthesizer
András Sipos (vocal, percussion)
Ferenc Kovács (trumpet, flugelhorn, violin, vocal)
Zoltán Kovács (piano, keyboard)
Szilárd Banai (drums)
Ben Castle (soprano and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute)
Saïd Tichiti (vocal, gembri)


Artist Djabe
Tittel Update
Sjanger World
Mastret av Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios 
Format Vinyl - 180g / 45 rpm
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Gramy Records 
Utgivelsesdato 2001 / 2018
Platenummer GR-135-1
Spilletid 15:03, 15:17, 15:42, 14:55 
01       Update  
02 Flying  
03 First Step  
Nr SIDE 2  
01 Lead Soldier  
02 Clouds Dance  
03 Erdö, Erdö  
Nr SIDE 3  
01 Desire  
02 Mayombe  
03 Colours  
Nr SIDE 4  
01 Winter Forest  
02 My Way  
03 Barraguira  


A1 Update
Sounds, Effects – Barabás Tamás*, Égerházi AttilaVoice [Computer] – Julia Lock
A2 Flying
Bass [Fretless And Fretted], Shaker, Programmed By [Synth] – Barabás Tamás*Drums – Banai Szilárd*Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Égerházi AttilaPiano – Kovács Zoltán (5)Shekere, Frame Drum [Derbouka] – Sipos András (2)Tenor Saxophone – Ben CastleTrumpet, Flugelhorn – Kovács Ferenc*
A3 First Step
Bass [Fretless], Synth [Program] – Barabás Tamás*Congas – Sipos András (2)Drums – Banai Szilárd*Electric Guitar – Égerházi AttilaTenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet – Ben CastleTrumpet – Kovács Ferenc*Vocals, Guimbri – Saïd Tlchltl
B1 Lead Soldier
Bass, Snare, Synth [Program], Triangle – Barabás Tamás*Drums, Snare – Banai Szilárd*Electric Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer – Égerházi AttilaFlugelhorn – Kovács Ferenc*
B2 Clouds Dance
Acoustic Guitar – Égerházi AttilaBass [Fretless], Synth [Program] – Barabás Tamás*Bongos – Sipos András (2)Drums – Banai Szilárd*Piano – Kovács Zoltán (5)Soprano Saxophone, Flute – Ben CastleTrumpet – Kovács Ferenc*
B3 Erdő, Erdő
Bass [Fretless], Flute [Balinese], Bells [Tibetan], Synth [Program] – Barabás Tamás*Djembe, Tambourine [Turkish], Udu – Sipos András (2)Drums – Banai Szilárd*Guitar [Nylon] – Égerházi AttilaVocals, Violin – Kovács Ferenc*
C1 Desire
Acoustic Guitar – Égerházi AttilaBass [Fretless], Udu, Triangle, Synth [Program] – Barabás Tamás*Congas, Bongos – Sipos András (2)Cymbal – Banai Szilárd*Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet – Ben Castle
C2 Mayombe
Bass [Fretless], Mbira – Barabás Tamás*Drums, Cowbell – Banai Szilárd*Guitar Synthesizer – Égerházi AttilaVocals, Congas – Sipos András (2)
C3 Colours
Bass [Fretless & Fretted] – Barabás Tamás*
D1 Winter Forest
Bass [Fretless], Synth [Program], Shaker – Barabás Tamás*Electric Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer – Égerházi AttilaPiano – Kovács Zoltán (5)Soprano Saxophone – Ben Castle
D2 My Way
Bass – Barabás Tamás*Tenor Saxophone – Ben Castle
D3 Barraguira
Bass [Fretless], Handclaps, Shaker, Cowbell – Barabás Tamás*Drums – Banai Szilárd*Tenor Saxophone – Ben CastleVocals, Congas – Sipos András (2)