Paul Stephenson: These Days

Artikkelnr.: SFR 357.6029.2

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Beskrivelse fra produsenten:

Paul Stephenson´s second CD "These Days"! All those who – two years ago – felt like struck by lightning by Stephenson’s first CD "Light Green Ball" will find again so many things which are easy to love – the Beatles, James Taylor, being head over heels in love on a glorious spring day.

Artist Paul Stephenson 
Tittel These Days 
Sjanger Singer Songwriter, Folk, Country 
Mastret av Hans-Jörg Maucksch At Pauler Acoustics 
Format CD
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Stockfisch Records 
Utgivelsesdato 2004 
Platenummer SFR 357.6029.2 
Spilletid 43:28 
Nr          TITTEL       TID
01 These Days  3:59 
02 Engineering Frank  4:11 
03 Not Long Now  4:52 
04 Don`t Mind If You Do  3:40 
05 Captain Of The Loving Kind  3:45 
06 Ready To Rain  4:29 
07  The Making Of Zachary  4:28 
08 Millionaire  3:59 
09 Perfect Place  3:27 
10 Love You Not, Love You True  2:36 
11  Big Meeting Day  3:54