ADL EH008 Øretelefoner

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“The build quality is superlative, better than expected even at this price. There really is nothing to criticise, as it’s up there with more familiar brands costing twice or three times the money…” “This is a highly detailed design that doesn’t sound analytical; rather it pieces everything together in a musically coherent way that leaves you wanting more”. 
- David Price HiFi Choice

“The Furutech is otherwise one of the most beautifully finished earphones I have seen at any price…” “The refinement of the EH-008 makes it able to handle voices and instruments with real tonal accuracy and a commendable sense of scale”. 
- Ed Selley AV Forums



A truly great earphone design does more than deliver accurate musical reproduction. It should create an emotional and intimate connection with the listener, and accomplish this with unparalleled comfort and style. That’s why the Alpha Design Labs EH008 earphones possess a number of striking features and innovations.

Our Dual Dynamic Drivers, which have been Alpha-Cryo treated, offer incredibly high resolution throughout the full range of sound reproduction. A powerful 8mm low-to-mid frequency driver is positioned in a special bass chamber directly behind a high frequency titanium film driver delivering phase-correct high resolution output to your ears. The inner and outer housings of the EH008 are designed for driver stabilization and superior damping. This all adds up to a stunning, realistic soundstage that allows you to hear deeper into your favorite recordings than ever before.

Offering this extraordinary level of performance wouldn’t be as meaningful if ADL couldn’t deliver it in a sexy yet extremely comfortable package. From the beautiful diamond-cut aluminum end plates to the deep lustrous finish on the carbon fiber enclosures, the EH008 exudes “pride of ownership” unique in the world of earphones. The outer ring seals improve sound isolation and increase your comfort level, and the lightweight design—around half an ounce total—completes the sensation that nothing stands between you and the music. Experience the innovative and seductive Alpha Design Labs EH008 earphones. Make the ultimate connection to your music.

EH008 Earphone Specifications
Acoustic Design: Dual Dynamic Driver
Driver:  : 8mm and 5.8mm α (Alpha –Cryo treated) magnet drivers
Sensitivity : 100±3 dB SPL (130mW input at 1 KHz )
Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Input Power: 2mW / 5mW (Max.)
Rated Impedance: 19 ohm @ 1KHz
Left and right balance: ≦3dB, @ 100Hz and 1KHz
Connection: α (Alpha)–OFC conductor wire with 24k gold-plated
stereo α (Alpha) 3.5mm angled plug 
Weight: 15g (0.53oz) Approx. (cord and plug included)