ADL (Furutech) H118 Hodetelefoner

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Triform Earcups are specially designed for a superior seal over your ears improving bass response over other designs. The Triform Contour also reduces internal standing waves and reflections for reduced distortion. The headband flare over the Alpha Triform Contour Earcups make the H118 Headphones supremely comfortable, an observation everyone makes before suddenly captured by the sound and falling silent! The ADL H118 is balanced in a completely audiophile way, a very Furutech way. Rich tonal colors and textures with intimate and close harmonic interplay, a sense of space and quiet backgrounds are the key. It’s an involving emotional experience when you’re THIS CLOSE to the music.

Furutech Pure Transmission technical tidbits abound; high noise attenuation, 40mm high-resolution extra-large high-flux α (Alpha –Cryo treated) magnet drivers, a ring engineered to keep ultra-high frequencies in coherent phase and excellent transient response from extremely light-weight coils made with copper-coated special aluminum alloy wire.

Pair H118s with Alpha Design Labs Esprit and GT40 USB DAC/Preamplifiers or the Stride and Cruise Portable Headphone Amplifiers, or any other quality headphone playback system and become intimate with your music.

H118 Headphone Specifications
Acoustic Design: Dynamic closed-back
Driver: 40mm diameter special high-flux magnet
Sensitivity: 98dB SPL (1mW) at 1 KHz
Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Input Power: 200mW (Max.) 
Rated Impedance: 68 ohm @ 1KHz
Ear pad: Leatherette
Head Band Pressure: 4.5 N Approx.
Connector: Nonmagnetic rhodium-plated stereo α (Alpha) mini-XLR socket
Weight: 245g (8.64oz) Approx. (without cable) 310g (10.93oz) Approx. (with cable)


H118 Headphone Features
Dynamic closed-back circumaural headphones
High noise attenuation and low distortion tailor-made diaphragms
40mm extra-large high-flux α (Alpha –Cryo treated) magnet
Ring between voice-coil and diaphragm keeps ultra-high-frequencies in phase
Excellent transient response from extremely light-weight coils of copper-coated special aluminum alloy wire
Furutech nonmagnetic rhodium-plated stereo α (Alpha) mini XLR socket
Included in package
3.0 meter cable and gold-plated 1/8”(3.5mm) to 1/4”(6.3mm) adapter