Hugh Masekela: 66-76

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Wrasse Records - 7 LP Box Set

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Limited to 1,000 copies!

Albums that Masekela recorded from 1966 to 1976

Hugh Masekela was one of the world´s finest and most distinctive horn players, a musical celebrity who built up a dedicated global following thanks to his unique blend of jazz, South African styles, and music from across the African continent and diaspora.

The albums that Masekela recorded in this period, from 1966 to 1976, were impressively varied. He was already a fine horn player and powerful singer, and his songs ranged from exquisite to angry and experimental. It may seen extraordinary that these tracks have been allowed to disappear, but this remarkable set helps to put that right. Compiled by Hugh and his friend and producer Stewart Levine, it includes tracks from 11 albums, with two of the finest — Masekela Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz and I Am Not Afraid — re-released in full.

A powerful trumpeter, flugelhornist, cornetist, composer, singer and songwriter, Masekela used his music to attack apartheid. Upon returning to a free South Africa after 30 years in exile — and until his death in 2018 — he was an outspoken commentator on global events.

66 - 76
Artist Hugh Masekela 
Tittel 66 - 76 
Sjanger World 
Mastret av  
Format Vinyl Box Set 
Antall plater
Plateselskap Wrasse Records 
Platenummer AWRS 354
66 - 76
Nr LP 1
01       Felicade 
02 Why Are You Blowing My Mind? 
03 She Doesn’t Write 
04 Child of the Earth 
05 What Is Wrong With Groovin?
06 Ha Lese Le Di Khanna 
07 Do Me So La So So 
LP 2 
01 Grazing in the Grass
02 Coincidence 
03 Bajabula BOnke 
04 Vuca 
05 Mace and Grenades
06  Boermusiek 
07  Gold 
08 Blues For Huey
09 Gafsa 
10 If There’s Anybody Out There
Nr LP 3
01  You Keep Me Hangin’ On 
02 Woza
03 Selele Mane
04 Son of Ice Bag
05 Mamani
06 Caution!
07 Hugh (Somebody’s Calling My Name)
08 Rekpete
Nr LP 4 
01  Languta 
02  Kaa Ye Oya 
03  Adade 
04  Patience 
05  When 
06 NYE Tamo Ame
Nr LP 5
01 Stimela
02 In The Market Place
03 A Song For Brazil
04 African Secret Society
05 Night in Tunisia 
06 Jungle Jim 
Nr LP 6 
01 Been Such A Long Time Gone
02 Colonial Man
03 Yei Baa Gbe Wolo
04 Ashiko
05 Nina 
Nr LP 7 
01  The Boys Doin’ It
02  Mama 
03  There Are Seeds To Sow 
04  Whitch Doctor 
05  Minawa