The Cars: Candy-O

Artikkelnr.: MFSL 1-324

Mobile Fidelity - Audiofil 180g LP. Nummererte plater!

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Mobile Fidelity

Numbered Edition 180-gram LP Sourced from Original Master Tapes

How did the Cars move beyond their smash 1978 debut and secure their status as one of music´s leading bands for years to come? Look no further than the quadruple-platinum Candy-O. Continuing along the streamlined pop paths of its predecessor, the 1979 sophomore effort is preoccupied with desirable women that are as mysterious, sexy, and cool as the group´s music – and the record´s pin-up cover.

Loaded with minimalist atmospherics, pulsing bass lines, catchy refrains, and labyrinthine synthesizers, the album takes myriad stylistic detours and features one hook-laden chorus after another. Nothing drags or feels out of place.

Half-speed mastered from the original analog tapes, Mobile Fidelity´s numbered edition LP brings the Cars´ distinctive melodies and exotic arrangements to the forefront. Roy Thomas Baker´s vocal production finally shines, with each member´s contributions rescued from a cold sonic murk that detracted from the music´s impact.

Artist The Cars
Tittel Candy-O
Sjanger Pop / Rock
Mastret av Half-speed mastered from the original analog tapes
Format Vinyl - 180g
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Mobile Fidelity

1979 / 2011

Platenummer MFSL 1-324
Diverse Nummerert Vinyl - Gain 2 Ultra Analog
01       Let's Go
02 Since I Held You 
03 It's All I Can Do 
04 Double Life 
05 Shoo Be Doo 
06 Candy-O 
07 Night Spots 
08 You Can't Hold On Too Long 
09 Lust For Kicks 
10 Got A Lot On My Head 
11 Dangerous Type