The Beach Boys: The Beach Boys´ Party! - Stereo

Artikkelnr.: AAPP 066

Analogue Productions - Audiofil 200g LP. Stereo. Leveres også i Mono

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Analogue Productions

The ultimate pressings of the Beach Boys discography from Analogue Productions!

Stereo edition of Beach Boys Party!, released on vinyl for the first time!

Original mono mix produced by Brian Wilson

Beach Boys Party! stereo mix created in 2012 from the original 3-track master tapes. The album, having been recorded to analog tape, was then transferred to high resolution digital and then mixed from high resolution digital assembled masters (88.2 kHz/24 bit) and printed to 1/4" analog tape at 15 ips CCIR.



Stereo mixes produced by Mark Linett and Alan Boyd / Mixed by Mark Linett

Ten titles feature 33 1/3 mono and stereo remastered editions

Audio production — Mark Linett

For Brother Records — Elliott Lott

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio, most from the original master tapes or best sources available

Lacquer plating by Gary Salstrom and 200-gram vinyl pressing by Quality Record Pressings!

"These are the best sounding and best-looking versions of the Beach Boys records that have ever been produced. We want everything about these to be better than the original." — Chad Kassem, owner and CEO, Acoustic Sounds

A musical legacy that began in Hawthorne, California and went on to conquer the world. Analogue Productions presents the ultimate pressings of 14 essential Beach Boys albums! Mastered by Kevin Gray, most from the original master tapes, and plated and pressed by Quality Record Pressings, the finest LP pressing facility in the world, these are awesome recordings to experience. And the look of each album befits its sonic superiority! Presented in "old school" Stoughton tip-on jackets, these time honored favorites shine brighter than the originals!

The Beach Boys Party! stereo mix was created in 2012 from the original 3-track master tapes.

Apart from Surfin´ Safari, which was mono only, the Beach Boys did turn in stereo masters on all of their early albums up until 1965. The Beach Boys Today! was the first LP for which they only delivered a mono master.

The stereo editions of Surfin´ USA, Surfer Girl, Little Deuce Coupe, Shut Down Vol. 2, All Summer Long, Beach Boys Christmas Album and Beach Boys Concert were all mixed in stereo by their own preferred engineer, Chuck Britz, ostensibly under the group´s supervision.

"Brian may or may not have been present for those mixing sessions — evidence suggests that he trusted Chuck´s skills enough to let him prepare those mixes on his own — but the group held onto their multitrack tapes and delivered stereo masters to Capitol, rather than allowing Capitol to prepare their own stereo versions. Later, when Brian was only delivering mono masters, Capitol would prepare the Duophonic pseudo stereo editions for the stereo market," says Alan Boyd, producer and Beach Boys´ archivist.

All of the newer stereo mixes on these remastered albums (The Beach Boys Today!Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)The Beach Boys´ PartyPet Sounds and Smiley Smile) were done by Mark Linett on behalf of the Beach Boys.


Artist The Beach Boys
Tittel The Beach Boys' Party!
Sjanger Pop / Rock
Mastret av Kevin Grey at Cohearent Audio 
Pressing Plant Quality Record Pressings
Format Vinyl - 200g
Antall plater 1
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Analogue Productions 
Utgivelsesdato 1965 / 2015
Platenummer AAPP 066
01       Hully Gully
02 I Should Have Known Better
03 Tell Me Why
04 Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
05 Mountain Of Love
06 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
07 Devoted To You
01 Alley Oop
02 There's No Other (Like My Baby)
03 Medley: I Get Around/Little Deuce Coupe
04 The Times They Are A-Changin'
05 Barbara Ann