Tap Tap: Lanzafame

Artikkelnr.: ORGLP0009R

ORG - Audiofil 140g LP

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Original Recordings Group

British band led by Thomas Sanders with their debut album, Lanzafame. In March of 2007, the late David Bowie listed Tap Tap´s "100,000 Thought" at number three in his top ten songs of the moment in the Times!

Artist Tap Tap
Tittel Lanzafame
Sjanger Pop / Rock
Mastret av Pete Lyman, Richard Simpson
Pressing Plant  
Format Vinyl - 140g 
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Original Recordings Group
Utgivelsesdato 2006 
Platenummer ORGLP0009R
Diverse Reissue

"Perhaps intentionally, the longest song (at five minutes) is the first, "100,000 Thoughts" serves as a good statement of purpose thanks to the brisk but brawling drums, the immediate if minimal acoustic/electric guitar melody, and Sanders' unquestionably ghost-of-David Byrne (and a bit of Andy Partridge) vocals. But after that it's one quick hit after another, and while this is ultimately pleasant instead of deathless -- a little more variety in the musical approach wouldn't hurt, though the general formula is attractive regardless -- Tap Tap shows definite promise throughout.""- Ned Raggett, allmusic.com

"Tap Tap is the wondrous new creation from Pete And The Pirates' Thomas Sanders. 11 tracks of gloriously wayward lo-fi indie that touches on Arcade Fire, Belle And Sebastian, Pavement and even the Kinks. Effortlessly immaculate songs that soar to the sky and float on fluffy melodic clouds but with the constant danger of DIY indie storms. Highly recommended!!" - Piccadilly Records

01       100,000 Thoughts 
02 She Doesn't Belong 
03 To Our Continuing Friendship 
04 Here Cometh 
05 Little Match (Big Fire) 
06 On My Way 
07 Talk Slowly 
08 Off The Beaten Track 
09 Way To Go, Boy
10 The Reason I'm Here 
11 What A Clever Thing To Say