Marianne Faithfull: Strange Weather

Artikkelnr.: ORGLP0066-45

ORG - Audiofil Dobbel (2) 180g LP 45rpm. Nummererte plater

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Original Recordings Group

Numbered, Limited Edition! Pressed at RTI!
Mastered by Bernie Grundman from the Original Analog Master Tapes!

Strange Weather was Marianne Faithfull´s first complete studio album following her recovery from a 17-year drug addiction. In her earlier recording career, many people were won over by her soft, feathery voice. Unfortunately, Faithfull´s public image became tainted during her relationship with Mick Jagger in the late 1960s and drugs took over her life until the mid-1980s.

The 1987 release contains a mix of rock, blues and cabaret and includes her re-recorded hit, "As Tears Go By" which proved to be even more poignant the second time around.

"ORG’s masterful 45 rpm vinyl continue to make the case that high end analog audio technology is comparable or superior to its digital counterpart. The organic coloration of the instrumentation is showcased by this format. Subtle touches with a clarinet, flute or horn are soft and remain in the background. The unique throaty vocals have a natural resonance. Strange Weather captures an underappreciated singer at her best." - Robbie Gerson, 4 1/2 Stars!!!,

"First released in 1987 (following a sixteen year battle with heroin addiction), Strange Weather is a dark eclectic group of songs that combine blues, jazz and Kurt Weill-esque ambiance. Supported by a cadre of topnotch musicians, the album evokes a surreal exotic flavor that blends with the idiosyncratic vocals of Faithfull. Side One opens with a gypsy-tinged take on the Dubin/Warren standard, “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”. Veteran guitarist, Bill Frisel teams with violinist Michael Levine to create a haunting café-flavored line that is framed nicely around the deep Marlene Dietrich alto voice of Faithfull. The effect is haunting, reminiscent of French (Edith Piaf) cabaet music. The same chemistry permeates “Yesterdays” as Frisell adds jazzy melancholy. Small touches, like flute (Chris Hunter) and string accompaniment build a texture that surrounds the tune." - Robbie Gerson, 4 1/2 Stars!!!,

"In portions of this album, the fabulous Marianne Faithfull takes up where Lotte Lenya and Marlene Dietrich leave off.  In fact, she might well be called the 'Rhythm and Blue Angel'.  And if she is not, it is surely because her extraordinary range places her far beyond any such limitation.  A single instance may suffice: being an old 'Billie-head' myself, I found it presumptuous in the extreme that someone else, anyone else, should attempt a rendition of her fables "Yesterdays".  Imagine my astonished delight then, upon hearing Ms. Faithfull's fantastic version - actually bringing to the song a new dimension of throat and soul."

"However, why be content with a single instance? Her renditions of the black spiritual "Sign of Judgement" and Leadbelly's remarkable a cappella "I Ain't Goin' Down to the Well No More" are little short of miraculous in their affirmation of this singer's phenomenal scope and depth."

And one must not overlook the exquisitely haunting Kurt Weill / Budapest / Cafe / gypsy-violin magic in "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", Tom Waits' and Kathleen Brennan's "Strange Weather" - and, of course, the blues masterpiece, "Love, Life, and Money", featuring th epiano artistry of the legendary Mac Rebennack.  Rounding out this outstanding collection are the campy/surreal "Penthouse Serenade" (with its "hinges on chimneys for stars to go by"), Doc Pomus' and Mac Rebennack's 'Hello Stranger", and the lyrically wistful "As Tears Go By".  It is most fitting that this final selection be included; it may be recalled that it was this very song which the 17-year old Marianne first recorded, and which established her overnight, among rockers and cognoscenti alike, as the super talent she remains."
 - Terry Southern, liner notes

"Ferla’s impeccable engineering and mixing tastes compliment the instrumentation by putting everything on a spacious, deep and somewhat dark and mysterious soundstage. Instruments glide and hover on the deep stage and have just the right amount of body to be solid, yet sufficient lightness of being to feel as if any of them could simply drift away at any moment. Bill Frisell’s guitar floats delicately in an echo balloon.Of course the centerpiece is Faithfull’s deepened, coarsened voice and while the older tunes are well-served and her take of “Yesterdays” is arguably equal to Billie Holiday’s, its her performance on the Waits title song that lingers long after the stylus has reached side four’s lead out groove. The recording quality is superb and the double 45 format perfectly suits the material: you might not want to consume this in greater quantities than a few tunes at a time." - Michael Fremer,, Music 10, Sound 10!

• Numbered Deluxe Laminated Double Gatefold Jackets
• Only 2500 Numbered Limited Edition Copies Worldwide!
• 180g Vinyl
• 45rpm
• Pressed at RTI
• Mastered by Bernie Grundman from the Original Analog Master Tapes!

Marianne Faithfull, vocals
Bill Frisell, guitar
Michael Levine, violin
Sharon Freeman, piano
Fernando Saunders, bass
Chris Hunter, flute, alto saxophone
Steve Slagile, alto saxophone
Robert Quine, guitar
J.T. Lewis, drums

Artist Marianne Faithfull
Tittel Strange Weather
Sjanger Pop / Rock Kvinnelige artister
Mastret av Bernie Grundman
Pressing Plant RTI
Format Vinyl - 180g / 45 rpm
Antall plater 2
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Original Recordings Group
Utgivelsesdato 1987 / 
Platenummer ORGLP0066-45
Diverse Nummerert
Opplag 2500
Nr LP 1
01       Stranger Intro
02 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
03 I Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No More
04 Yesterdays 
05 Sign Of Judgement 
06 Strange Weather
07 Love, Life And Money
01 I'll Keep It With Mine 
02 Hello Stranger 
03 Penthouse Serenade 
04 As Tears Go By 
05 A Stranger On Earth