Boston Symphonic Orchestra - Tchaikovsky: Serenade For Strings

Artikkelnr.: LSC-2105

Cisco Music - Audiofil 180g LP. Kun få plater igjen - og så er det tomt for alltid.

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Cisco Music

Plateselskapet Cisco Music ( etablert i 1984 ) eksisterer ikke mer!!

For de som har orientert seg blant spesialiserte plateselskap som har gitt oss den beste lydkvaliteten opp igjennom - så er (var) Cisco Music ett av de foretrukne plateselskapene.

Vi ( PM Audio ) har kjøpt opp hele restpartiet fra det gamle lageret til Cisco Music.

Flere av de ansatte hos Cisco Music jobber i dag for Impex Records

"Listening to this excellent re-issue by Cisco, it's hard to believe these performances were committed to tape more than 50 years ago. I've enjoyed this album ever since I bought mine on the used market many years ago. Whilst it did suffer from a little brightness, the tape has been cleaned up, refreshed, and presented in stunning sound by Kevin Gray of AcousTech mastering and the folks at Cisco Music…I think if the original had sounded as good as this re-issue, it would have been a big seller." Recording = 9/10; Music = 9/10 – Richard S Foster, Hi-Fi+, Issue 52

Tchaikovsky penned the 1812 Overture and Serenade for Strings around the same time in 1880 and had this to say by way of comparison: "The Overture will be very noisy. I wrote it without much warmth of enthusiasm; therefore it has no great artistic value. The Serenade, on the contrary, I wrote from an inward impulse. I felt it, and I venture to hope that this work is not without artistic qualities." Opinions over the relative merits of these famous works still vary widely, but there's no denying the level of feeling he poured into his Serenade for Strings. The two classic themes work best when played on a razor's edge between passion and precision. Charles Munch was no stranger to this balancing act. Sweeping, solemn and romantic, Munch brings a vibrancy and respect for both works that make for a rousing listening experience.

Artist Strings Of The Boston Symphony Orchestra 
Tittel Serenade For Strings
Sjanger Klassisk
Dirigent Charles Munch
Format Vinyl - 180g 
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Cisco
Utgivelsesdato  /1957
Platenummer LSC-2105 
Opplag Begrenset opplag 
1       Tchaikovsky:  Serenade For Strings, Op. 48
2 Elgar: Introduction And Allegro For Strings, Op. 47