The Prestige All Stars: All Night Long

Artikkelnr.: APRJ 7073

Analogue Productions (Prestige) - Audiofil 180g LP. Mono

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Analogue Productions (Prestige)

For sale individually and as part of Analogue Productions’ Prestige Mono Series

Cut from the analogue masters by renowned mastering engineer Kevin Gray

180-gram pressing by Quality Record Pressings has a flat edge profile and deep groove label, true to the original LP

Deluxe high-gloss tip-on album jacket














One of the great jam session recordings of the 1950s, All Night Long was under the relaxed direction of Kenny Burrell. The guitarist gathered together some of the finest young players on the New York scene, including Donald Byrd on trumpet and tenor saxophonists Hank Mobley and Jerome Richardson, one of the unsung heroes of the flute in jazz. Mal Waldron, Doug Watkins and Arthur Taylor were the rhythm section. The musical formats were uncomplicated; "All Night Long" a blues with a bridge, Waldron’s "Flickers" a 16-bar pattern, Mobley’s two originals based on familiar 32-bar chord sequences. From these simple, classic bases were launched performances with the hallmarks that have long identified any Burrell project: Relaxation, swing and high standards of musicianship.

"...they attempt to be as faithful to the original LPs as possible. They are remastered from the original mono or stereo tapes, come in authentic glossy ´tip-on´ jackets, retain the flat edge of original pressings, and even have the ´deep groove´ from the stamper in the label area. What they don´t have is the cost of original pressings. So many of the titles in the series fall into the several-hundred-dollar range in near-mint condition, a few topping out in the thousands, making the $30 price of each Analogue Productions LP seem like a bargain if they deliver sonically, which they do in abundance. ... both (this title and Coltrane were pressed at Quality Record Pressings (QRP) and continue the excellence for which this newest pressing plant has become known: nonexistent surface and groove noise and the sharp delineation of musical detail. ... with these latest Prestige LPs, Analogue Productions has attained a rare trifecta: authentic look, authentic sound, and authentic manufacturing." — Music = 3.5/5; Sound = 3.5/5 — Marc Mickelson, The Audio Beat, Feb. 12, 2013. 

Artist The Prestige All Stars
Tittel All Night Long
Sjanger Jazz
Mastret av Kevin Gray 
Pressing Plant Quality Record Pressings
Format Vinyl - 180g Mono
Antall plater 1
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Analogue Productions(Prestige)
Utgivelsesdato 2012 
Platenummer APRJ 7073
Diverse Mindre enn 1000 plater pr. trykk 
01       All Night Long
02 Flickers
03 Boo-Lu
04 Li'l Hankie