Sara K.: Horse I Used To Ride - Live In 2001

Artikkelnr.: SFR 357.9003.2

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"Her beautiful writing is something one must experience themselves. Her high sweet but dirty voice is one not to pass up. Her unique style of guitar and music in general is one to take her much further than following the crowd would." - BLUES ON STAGE


Sara K.: "In April of 2001, we rolled in to Sülbeck. It was the end of a three week solo tour and I was scheduled to play the "Gasthaus Zum Esel". The Esel is a renovated barn house which holds around 200 people. I was warmly greeted by Jorg and Birgit, the owners. They introduced me to the soundman, Günter Pauler. We became a team and proceeded to have an unusual sound check. He actually showed an interest in my four string guitar. After a good brief mix Günter asked me if he might record the concert and I agreed.

I returned to the Esel that evening. It was to be a full house. The audience was enthusiastic and welcoming. Günter introduced me to his assistant, Hans-Jörg. For the first time on a tour I took requests from the audience and it was a great gig with a standing ovation and many new friends, including Manfred, a luthier who only a year later would build me my first authentic four string guitar.

After the show, Günter asked if I would like to come see his studio the following day. I was expecting a small, in-house studio and had no idea what was to come. The studio was an elaborate state of the art room located in a remodeled medieval cellar, once inhabited by monks. A long story put short, I was very impressed and realized that Günter was not only a soundman but producer, as well. As I was leaving he said he would like to record me someday and we bid our farewells.

After arriving back home in the states I received a recording of the concert from Günter. Added to nearly five songs in the mix was a guitar player who sounded exciting and promising. That guitar player was Chris Jones. I immediately responded to Günter that I would love to record with him.

In October of the same year I signed a one page contract with Stockfisch and returned to Germany to begin the musical journey with Chris Jones and Günter Pauler. Thus, you can see that it all began with this concert at the "Gasthaus Zum Esel". Chris, Günter and me. And the horse I used to ride." (This 2015 CD release contains exactly the mix that Sara K. had received from Günter Pauler in 2001.)

Artist Sara K. 
Tittel Horse I Used To Ride  Live In 2001 
Sjanger Singer Songwriter 
Format CD 
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Stockfisch Records 
Utgivelsesdato 2015 
Platenummer SFR 357.9003.2 
Spilletid 63:07 
Nr          TITTEL       TID
01           Stop Those Bells   4:19
02 Trust Somebody     5:18
03 He Got You     3:08
04 What`s A Little More Rain                 5:11
05 Horse I Used To Ride     4:38
06 Ivory Cage     2:34
07  Gipsy Eyes               4:18
08 Turned My Upside Down      5:27
09 What Matters      3:56
10 Burning Both Ends     5:39
11  If You Close That Door                 3:44
12 After There Is A Blizzard     5:15
13 Like A Rolling Stone     9:30