Frank Sinatra: Sing And Dance With Frank - Mono

Artikkelnr.: IMXSA8319

Impex Records - Audiofil CD/SACD (Hybrid SACD). MONO

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Impex Pecords

Audiophile Quality Hybrid Mono SACD!
Expanded 70th Anniversary Reissue Of Iconic 1950 Columbia Records LP!
Includes Extra Track Not Found On The 33rpm Vinyl Edition!

IMPEX Records is pleased to announce the Limited Edition release of Frank Sinatra's iconic 1950 Columbia Records ten-inch LP Sing and Dance with Frank Sinatra. Originally issued in October 1950, the title was the singer's first fully-conceived big-band jazz album to appear on a modern, long-play vinyl record. The 70th-anniversary limited edition SACD/CD hybrid brims with rare, previously unreleased session material, outtakes and alternate vocal takes from the original sessions and offers the exquisite audiophile-quality sound that IMPEX Records is noted for.

Created in cooperation with Sony Music's Legacy Recordings, the new deluxe reissue was produced by noted Sinatra producer, author and historian Charles L. Granata, and restored/remastered by six-time Grammy-winning recording engineer Andreas Meyer. The high-resolution SACD/CD hybrid version was authored by Gus Skinas at Super Audio Center/Sonoma Systems. Included is an extensive, full-color booklet designed by Robert Sliger, featuring a comprehensive historical essay, full discography/personnel listing and detailed technical notes authored by Granata, PLUS a generous array of rare photographs, promotional artwork and unpublished visual ephemera pertaining to the album. The executive producers are Abey Fonn and Bob Bantz.

Rich in musical texture, this essential Sinatra classic - featuring the swing-style arrangements of George Siravo - marked a pivotal moment in 20th-Century pop music history, and represented the singer's transition from tender crooner to hip, swinging sophisticate. These performances offer a flawless snapshot of Sinatra's legendary musical craftsmanship as he reinvents himself for a new direction in his career - one that would hail his unparalleled success of the 1950s and '60s.

For this commemorative release, IMPEX has augmented the album's original eight songs with a dazzling array of PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED BONUS TRACKS including alternate takes, orchestra-only tracks and a revealing glimpse of Frank Sinatra in Columbia's famed 30th Street Studio (circa 1949), personally directing every facet of the recording session. This exquisite, high-fidelity session offers the most concise, in-depth illustration of Frank Sinatra working his magic in the studio, and functioning as his own producer.

The IMPEX team has spared no expense or effort in the creation of this milestone recording. In keeping with the prestigious label's reputation for meticulous sound, the 33-RPM vinyl LP has been transferred, restored and mastered in the analog domain from the original 15-ips session tapes: superior-sounding masters that have lain untouched in the Columbia Records vault for more than fifty years. These analog, monophonic tape masters sound spectacular, and shine as never before. The SACD/CD edition has been sourced, restored and remastered from high-resolution digital transfers made concurrently with the LP's analog tape and disc transfers.


  • 70th Anniversary Limited Edition
  • Super Audio CD
  • SACD Mono SACD Layer
  • This Hybrid SACD contains a 'Red Book' CD Layer which is playable on most conventional CD Players!
  • Original 8 songs + previously unreleased bonus tracks
  • Created in cooperation with Sony Music's Legacy Recordings
  • Produced by noted Sinatra producer, author & historian Charles L. Granata
  • High-resolution SACD/CD hybrid authored by Gus Skinas at Super Audio Center/Sonoma Systems
  • Sourced, restored & remastered from high-resolution digital transfers made concurrently with the LP version's analog tape and disc transfers
  • Full-color booklet with essay, full discography/personnel, detailed technical notes, rare photos, promtional artwork & unpublished visual ephemera
  • Executive produced by Abey Fonn & Bob Bantz
  • Bonus track not included on the 33rpm vinyl edition
Artist Frank Sinatra
Tittel Sing And Dance With Frank
Sjanger Pop / Rock
Format CD / SACD  (Hybrid SACD) Mono
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Impex Records
Utgivelsesdato 30.11.2020
Platenummer IMXSA8319
Nr          TITTEL      
01 Lover 
02 It's Only A Paper Moon 
03 My Blue Heaven 
04 It All Depends On You 
05 You Do Something To Me 
06 Should I
07 The Continental 
08 When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) 
  Bonus Tracks, Alternate Takes & Sessions
09 Farewell, Farewell To Love (Original Master Tape)* 
10  Deep Night (Original Master Tape)*
11 It's Only A Paper Moon (Alternate Vocal Take) Prev. Unissued
12 You Do Something To Me (Orchestra Take, False Starts + Alternate Vocal Take) Prev. Unreleased Recording 
13 American Beauty Rose (Alternate Vocal Take) Prev. Unreleased Recording
14 It All Depends On You (Session +'-Test' Take) Prev. Unreleased Recording 
      * These recordings have been restored and remastered from a recently discovered, first-generation Master Tape from the original sessions, and offer sound that is superior to all previous issues. 
  Please Note: Due to additional time afford by the SACD/CD format, this version contains material not included on the 33-rpm vinyl edition.