The Sheffield Ensemble: The Art Of Fuguing

Artikkelnr.: SL 10047-2-G

Sheffield Lab - Audiophile Recording - 24K Gull CD

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Sheffield Lab

Lukas Foss conducting The Sheffield Ensemble of 40 string, woodwind and percussion players.

Featuring a special guest appearance by the California Boys Choir.


"Malloch`s version stimulates, excites, outrages, tantalizes, and finally blows away the prejudices which have kept the work under glass for more than 200 years!"                                                                                                                  

 -San Francisco Chronicle


"An extraordinary release...the most remarkable Die Kunst Der Fuge ever not deny yourself this joyous musical celebration!"                              

-American Record Guide


"Malloch`s orchestration is a brilliant identification with the essence of Bach`s art - transformed with wit, charm, and grace. He makes inspired use of the Sheffield Ensemble, with the most ingenious orchestration...the chosen tempi are magical. Recorded live to analog two-track, using minimalist microphone techniques and esoteric tube preamps to provide remarkable warmth and depth...this is priceless!"                                                                                                   

 -H & B Review


Artist The Sheffield Ensemble cond. Lukas Foss 
Tittel The Art Of Fuguing 
Sjanger Klassisk
Format CD
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Sheffield Lab
Platenummer SL 10047-2-G 
THE ART OF FUGUING                    

A Lively And Joyful Orchestration By Willim Malloch Of

J.S. Bach`s Final Teaching Piece, Die Kunst Der Fuge