Jan Gunnar Hoff: Fly North

Artikkelnr.: LOS 119-2

Losen Records - Audiofil CD

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Losen Records


Jan Gunnar Hoff piano, keyboards
Arve Henriksen trumpet, vocal
Anders Jormin bass
Marilyn Mazur drums, percussion

All compositions by Jan Gunnar Hoff



CD: LOS 119-2
EAN: 7090025831195

LP: LOS 119-1
EAN: 7090025831198

Recorded and mixed at Rainbow Studio, Oslo by Jan Erik Kongshaug, October/November 2013
Produced by Jan Gunnar Hoff and Arve Henriksen
Front cover Photo by Petter Furuseth

Fly North! is an invitation – a visa to the Scandinavian school of cool, with release from rule. Come here, come hear! Softly stated virtuosi, memorable motif, and a sonic panorama that, prima vista, becomes a part of you.

Fly North! is a refuge; an escape plan from an increasingly anxious world. Fly to the higher regions of your sensibilities, to a stress-free environment offering space and solace: room for contemplation and calm.

This is an album to be experienced as ‘an entirety’. There are individual tracks and there is individuality in the performance, but essentially, there is a oneness. It is the sweetest of suites.

This is a gentle giant of an album, Nordic nuance lovingly crafted to soothe your soul. So fl y north, free from convention, no passport control, no baggage. And if you’re already ‘north’ then you’re at home!

Artist Jan Gunnar Hoff
Tittel Fly North
Sjanger Jazz 
Mastret av Edited at Wisseloord Studio Holland
Format CD 
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Losen Records 
Utgivelsesdato 2014
Platenummer LOS 119-2
Spilletid 56:36
Diverse Innspilling og mix: Jan Erik Kongsberg,  Rainbow Studio, Oslo 
Nr          TITTEL       TID
01 Fly North 5:56 
02 Living  6:54 
03 Arise  6:23 
04 Places  5:51 
05 Sacrifice  5:06 
06 Böcklin  3:48 
07 Spheres  4:28 
08 Valse De Décembre  4:45 
09 Questions  7:37 
10  Gathering  5:41