Kerstin Blodig: Out Of The Woods

Artikkelnr.: SFR 357.4077.2

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Stockfisch Records

The Norwegian singer/songwriter/guitarist Kerstin Blodig presents her debut-album on Stockfisch. The recordings took place in Solling - in a clearing in one of Germany’s largest forest areas. The rich natural atmosphere - including birdsong and sounds from the vegetation - fits wonderfully to Kerstin’s haunting Norwegian folk ballads, her crystal clear expressive mezzosoprano and her modern virtuoso guitar playing.

“Out of the Woods” is a collection of favourite songs about the loveliest season of all – springtime, featuring re-recorded repertoire from formerly released CDs as well as brand-new material – including three spontaneous improvisations, where the musicians sat around the microphones and just started to play ...


Opulently modern, minimalistically folky, bizarre and beautiful, passionate and pure, melancholy and dreamy, soulful and sad, tongue-in-cheek and humorous – Kerstin Blodig takes us on a musical journey from Norway across the North Sea to Scotland and back home again to the land of the trolls, elf kings and wood nymphs, of breath-taking landscapes and mysterious myths.

Artist Kerstin Blodig 
Tittel Out Of The Woods 
Sjanger Folk 
Format CD / SACD  (Hybrid SACD )
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Stockfisch Records 
Utgivelsesdato 2015 
Platenummer SFR 357.4077.2 
Spilletid 65:50 
Nr          TITTEL      
01           Fause Fause    (4:47) 
02 Out Of The Woods 1 (Impro)    (6:20) 
03 Jeg Lagde Meg Så Silde (Herr Ole)    (5:34) 
04 The Raven    (6:10)            
05 Solbønn    (5:02) 
06 Liti Kjersti Og Elvekongjen    (6:51) 
07  Out Of The Woods 2 (Impro)    (4:42)          
08 Våren Din    (4:15)
09 The Power Of The Moon    (5:44) 
10 Nattergalen    (5:15) 
11 The Ferryman    (3:38) 
12 Out Of The Woods 3 (Impro)    (4:23)            
13 Den Blomstertid Nå Kommer    (3:00)