Closer To The Music Vol. 6

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Stockfisch Records - Audiofil innspilling - CD/SACD (Hybrid SACD) (5.1 + Stereo). Kan avspilles på vanlige CD spillere

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Stockfisch Records

Since the last Stockfisch compilation "Closer to the Music Vol.5" was released in 2015, it was now time for the 6th edition of the popular sampler series. "Closer to the Music Vol.6" not only features a new microphone on the cover, but also a more than 70-minute overview of which artists have been released by Stockfisch Records in the past years.

And there is also a pre-release: ALLAN TAYLOR and the young Danish songwriter JACOB DINESEN sing together a song that will appear on Allan's 2023 album "The Road Well Travelled".

The round of already available productions is opened by the Irish composer and singer with the beautiful voice, BRIAN FLANAGAN. He sings his touching song "Flowers In The Window". Very relatable in the timbre of his voice and in the way he crafts his songs is the new Stpckfisch artist from London: STEVE FOLK. He belongs to the rare breed of songwriters who hide or conceal nothing. His songs, mesmerisingly beautifully crafted paeans to the trials and tribulations of life, are always delivered with unflinching honesty. Although active for decades, REG MEUROSS is a new discovery for Stockfisch: a folk singer of the English school whose songs and melodies put the listener in a "warm contentment". Represented on this sampler with his song "Jealous". The new introductions also include Irishman IAN SMITH, a storyteller par excellence, who thus fits perfectly into Stockfisch-Records' carefully selected portfolio of musicians.

Guitar virtuoso JENS KOMMNICK, who has already contributed to several Northeim productions as a filigree sideman on the guitar, now got the opportunity to debut with his new solo album "Stringed" at Stockfisch. Speaking of guitar virtuoso: WERNER LÄMMERHIRT recorded his ultimate album, which concludes his life's work, in Northeim shortly before his death. In all the sadness, his music and memory remain with us.

In addition to the already well-known "stockfishes" KATJA WERKER, STEVE STRAUSS, DAVID ROTH, PAUL STEPHENSON as well as the BASSFACE SWING TRIO and RANAGRI, there are also some surprising specials to be introduced:

CHRIS JONES and CHARLIE CARR met at Stockfisch Studio in 1979 to record some of their own songs as well as a few traditional songs. The analogue tapes of these recordings waited 40 years in the Stockfisch archive to be rediscovered in 2019 and released as "Analog Pearls Vol.3".

In the 80s, she was in the Stockfisch studio for a CD mastering. In 2022, she returned for an impressive recording session: ANNE CLARK, the style icon of electronic music and the European New Wave movement, goes completely new, unexpected ways at Stockfisch Records: The internationally successful singer recorded a purely acoustic album (violin and concert harp) with spoken poems.

A lot has happened in the life of singer HANNES WADER in recent years, both professionally and privately. The songs on "Noch hier - Was ich noch singen wollte" reflect this in an impressive way. One of the highlights of the new album is definitely a duet with his long-time friend REINHARD MEY. The two sing "Le temps des cerises", an old French love and revolution song - and favourite song of both.

Artist Samle-CD med artister fra flere CD-produksjoner
Tittel Closer To The Music Vol. 6 
Sjanger Diverse Stockfisch Records
Format CD / SACD  (Hybrid SACD )
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Stockfisch Records 
Utgivelsesdato 2023
Platenummer SFR 357.4022.2
ARTIST          TITTEL       TID
Brian Flanagan 01: Flowers In The Window 3:25
Steve Strauss 02: A Very Thin Wire 3:09
Katja Werker 03: Contact Myself 4:59
Steve Folk 04: Immortal 4:44
Ranagri 05: Waiting For The Rain 3:22
David Roth 06: Meet You Where You Are 4:29
Allan Taylor, Jacob Dinesen 07: The Joker's Hand 4:49
Reg Meuross 08: Jealous 3:22
Paul Stephenson  09: The Painter's Hand 4:11
Ian Smith 10: Lady Overlander 4:24
Chris Jones, Charlie Carr 11: Moving You Out 3:52
Jens Kommnick  12: Christophs Tanz 3:22
Werner Lämmerhirt 13: Laura 4:24
Bassface Swing Trio  14: Stardust 3:13
Hannes Wader, Reinhard Mey 15: Le Temps Des Cerises 4:00
Ulla van Daelen 16: Country Song 4:29
Anne Clark 17: It's A Fragile Thing 4:24
The Spirit Of Gambo 18: Fantasia - Suite In D - Courant 1:47