The Flying Burrito Bros: Burrito Deluxe

Artikkelnr.: IR-SCD8

Intervention Records - Audiofil CD/SACD (Hybrid SACD). Kan avspilles på vanlige CD spillere

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Intervention Records

Intervention Records is thrilled to present The Flying Burrito Bros.´ classic 1970 sophomore effort Burrito Deluxe on beautiful-sounding hybrid CD/SACD.


Burrito Deluxe is the second and final hot Burrito made while the band was still led by former Byrds member Gram Parsons. The Flying Burrito Bros. are widely viewed as the inventors of country rock and are one of the most influential bands of all time. Burrito Deluxe is another classic full of great tunes written and sung by Parsons and Hillman.

The original LP art is restored by IR´s Tom Vadakan and housed in a super jewel box.

Burrito Deluxe is mastered Direct-to-DSD from analog tape by Kevin Gray at CoHEARent Audio from the best source available- a phenomenal sounding 1/2" safety copy of the original stereo master tape. Intervention´s CD/SACD preserves all the top-end energy and “snap” of the original A&M LP, while the bass foundation is fully restored to make this new Intervention reissue the definitive listening experience for this classic!

Artist The Flying Burrito Bros.
Tittel Burrito Deluxe
Sjanger Pop / Rock
Mastret av Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
Format CD / SACD  (Hybrid SACD )
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Intervention Records
Utgivelsesdato A&M Records 1970 / IR 2018
Platenummer IR-SCD8 
Diverse Super Jewel Box Packaging 
Nr          TITTEL       TID
01 Lazy Days  2:58 
02 Image Of Me  3:20 
03 High Fashion Queen  2:05 
04 If You Gotta Go  1:47 
05 Man In The Fog  2:30 
06 Farther Along  3:58 
07 Older Guys  2:30 
08 Cody, Cody  2:43 
09 God's Own Singer  2:04 
10  Down In The Churchyard  2:19 
11 Wild Horses  6:20