Furutech: S-070-10 (0,5 - 7.5m)

Artikkelnr.: 4582237538212 M

Loddetinn - 0,7mm

Startlengde: 0,5m - kr 82,00 pr meter

NOK44,00 inkl. mva.
På lager: 8 stk.


Construction: 96% Sn+4% Ag. (Non-Lead)
Rosin Type: Ersin 362 Flux , 5 core
Flux Temp: Around 380~450℃
Diameter: 0.70 mm
Package: 10M (32.8ft) /Spool

Multicore solder wires are designed to give fast and sustained wetting on both copper and brass. This can be demonstrated using spreading tests on both substrates under standard conditions for the Multicore products and competitor products. After 5 seconds, area of spread is measured to form a comparative index indicating total flux efficacy. Multicore solder wires out-perform competitor products, which required a higher flux contend and leave more residues whilst achieving poorer spread.  

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