CODA: S5.5 / Stereo Effektforsterker / Klasse A

2 x 50W-8 Ohm / 2x100W-4 Ohm

Kan brokoples til::: 1 x 200W-8 Ohm mono / 1 x 400W-4 Ohm mono - 1500VA

NOK91 000,00 inkl. mva.
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50 Watts per channel Pure Class A into 8 Ohms 
100 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms 
200 Watts per channel into 2 Ohms 
200 Watts mono in bridged mode into 8 Ohms 
400 Watts mono in bridged mode into 4 Ohms 

Precision Bias Class A operation 
Class A to rated output into 8 ohms utilizing Coda´s proprietary bias control topology 
True DC-coupled design based on the high speed circuit topology of our System S100; utilizing FET input, MOSFET Voltage gain, and high speed bipolar current gain 
No overall feedback 
Sixty 50 MHz output transistors 
each rated at 8 Amperes and 150 Volts 
Remote-capable balanced and unbalanced input selection 
Remote-capable true standby circuit 
deactivates bias current in output stage 
Independent windings, rectification and supply capacitors 
for each channel 
Double-sided gold plated circuit boards 
All anodized chassis 

The S5.5 is a high-bandwidth, pure Class A stereo amplifier, suitable for use with smaller speaker systems with lower current requirements than the 15.0. External control allows the S5.5 to be bridged into a high-power monoblock. Internal relay switching provides distortion-free selection of balanced or unbalanced inputs. Input switching and
true-standby bias toggle are controllable either from the front panel or optional remote control.

Kanaler 2
Effekt i 8 Ohm 2 x 50W
Effekt i 4 Ohm 2 x 100W 
Effekt i 2 Ohm 2 x 200W 
Effekt i 8 Ohm - BROKOPLET 1 x 200W ( MONO )
Effekt i 4 Ohm - BROKOPLET 1 x 400W ( MONO )
Klasse A og/eller Klasse A/B Klasse A
Balansert / Ubalansert Balansert
Innganger  RCA 1par
Innganger XLR 1 par 
Høyttalerterminaler 1 par pr kanal
Strømforsyning 1500VA 
Strømkapasitet >100A peak pr kanal
Slew Rate / Spenningsvariasjon >50V pr mikrosekund
 Ladekapasitet  144000uF
Gain - Effekttrinn 26db 
Båndbredde DC -100kHz  -3db 
Forvrengning Mindre enn 0,03% fra 10Hz to 20kHz ved 50W   2-8Ω 
Signal / Støyforhold >120db 
Inngangsimpedance - ubalansert 50 kOhm
Inngangsimpedance - balansert 10 kOhm
Utgangsimpedance 0,04 Ohm fra 20Hz til 20kHz 
Finish Sort eller Sølv
Dimensjon 17,5" W x 12,5" D x 5.75" H 
Vekt 45 lbs 
Garanti Norge 5 År


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