Furutech - AG-12

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Phonokabel DIN - RCA / Fra tonearm til RIAA / Forsterker 1,2m

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Phonokabel DIN-RCA / Fra tonearm til RIAA/Forsterker 1,2m

Ag-12 Pure Transmission Silver-Plated Phono Cable • DIN/RCA and Right angled DIN/RCA Ag-12-L(L-Din/RCA)

“I don’t know if the Furutech Ag-12 is the best phono cable on the market, but it´s the best I´ve heard, a fact made all the more meaningful by its mid-level price. It´s one of the phono cables to beat, and it´s affordable to boot.” 
-- Marc Mickelson, Soundstage.com 

“The award for best performance and highest build quality at the lowest price goes to the Furutech AG-12.” 
--- Michael Fremer, Stereophile July 2009 Vol.32 No.7

Nonmagnetic Rhodium-Plated DIN Connector and Rhodium-Plated RCA Connectors

Furutech’s Award-Winning Pure Transmission Build Quality
The sense of mechanical integrity of the Ag-12 Phono cable’s build is immediately apparent. Furutech Pure Transmission technology turns a macro lens on every element of power and signal transfer applying optimized engineering solutions to well-known problems such as contact resistance, grounding, EMI and RFI rejection, and using the best materials and processes available. 

• α (Alpha) silver-plated μ-OFC Conductor 
• 4-layer shield construction for improved noise insulation
• Main Insulation: Air-foamed polyethylene
•• Connectors 
o Furutech-engineered rhodium-plated DIN or L-DIN and FP-126(R) Alpha-OCC RCA connectors 
• The best damping and insulation materials for improved frequency extension and tonal balance
• Carefully engineered cable clamp improves grip and reduces mechanical and electrically-induced distortion
• Dimensions: Cable diameter ~9.5mm • Overall length: 1.2M/set