Bright Star Audio: ISONODE Large (0-17kg)

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Bright Star Audio er et av USA`s mest prisbelønte produsenter av vibrasjonsdempende produkter.

Mange ganger utnevt til "Året`s Produkt", "Best At Show" etc...

ISONODE-produktene er ekstremt effektiv i forhold til pris - men også ekstremt effektiv når vi ser vekk fra pris.

ISONODE er utformet som en halvmåne - med et lett lim under beskyttelsespapir på den flate siden.

Plasseres med den runde delen ned mot underlaget


Antall  Sett a` 4 stk 
Vektklasse  0-17kg 
Diameter  31mm 
Høyde uten vektbelastning  16mm 
Farge  Sort 


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 AudioFile Magazine Hitting The Right Nodes
The audiophile's quest for excellent sonic reproduction is a truly arduous task. It may seem that all he does is listen to music, but nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, the audiophile is constantly striving to improve his system, inching its performance ever so closer to his perception of the ideal sound. While upgrading equipment is a sure-fire way of achieving this, another avenue would be to optimize it, so it performs at its peak capability, or to put it simply - tweaking.

While there are many aspects to tweaking, one area that has the most credibility is the premise is that vibration - be it air or structurally borne - will adversely affect the sound. How component isolation is achieved, is as almost varied as the music that the enthusiast listens to, and there is a profusion of methods and devices available to the adventurous audiophile. Some work well, & some don't quite achieve what they claim, but rest assured that the Bright Star IsoNode feet fall into the former category.

Bottoming Out - And just what do the IsoNodes do to the sound? Well, there was definite improvement with the IsoNodes under source components - CD players, DVD players and even turntables. 
With CD players, I found there to be a increase in resolution and detail - it's almost as if a layer of grunge that you didn't know existed but have been hearing through all this time was wiped from the sound This is, perhaps, attributable to the quieter noise floor. With turntables there was enhancement in low-level resolution, as well as an increase in extension of the bass frequencies. DVD players shared similar sonic benefits as CD players, but there was an added visual factor too, in the form of cleaner picture quality, a slight increase in color accuracy and overall better depth perception. Amplifiers too, benefited from the use of IsoNodes, though to a lower extent. There was some lowering of the noise floor, but notably, the amplifier appeared to have a slightly more dynamic nature than before!

Take A Node, Please - Isolation of components work, period, and there is no disputing the issue. As to the degree of improvement, there is an overall increase to every aspect of the performance, and not just the ones described. I even found the IsoNodes to work when combined with other devices. If you aren't using any isolation devices currently, then you must go and get a few sets of the Bright Star Audio IsoNode feet now - and at its asking price, you don't have a valid excuse to say no�.
One of the cheapest and most effective isolation devices available.

Joseph Loh - Audiophile Magazine 


MUSIC MATTERS IsoNode anti-vibration feet
When Leslie offered me two sets of IsoNodes from Bright Star for review, I quickly snatch up the opportunity! 

I do not have to strain myself to realize the real forte of these little wonders. Many isolation feet improve imaging and definition, so what? These little wonders bring organic qualities to the music, bringing forth the essence of emotions rather than merely sound qualities. 

Music came from a darker and quieter space. Not as in noise floor, but rather, cutting the music from fake airiness! You would not notice this before putting in the IsoNodes, but it is obviously noticeable without them. This enables the instruments to take on a more substantial body. 

Indeed, these little wonders have got the perfect formula to sing with the harmonic nature of music making. The highs of the cymbals and hi-hats have got this lucid quality that cuts away the unwanted splash, and yet retaining the decay of the vibrating steel. Bass tightens up and was presented with tautness and solid textures. 

All of this is only half which has me awed. Damn, could I have enough of these little wonders? No! With my Sony XA5ES, vocals were solidly placed, making them easier to locate. That is not all, the graininess was gone and the mids were smooth and harmonically rich! Reverb and ambience were rendered in great palpability and music came from a more cohesive canvas rather than individual space. 

With Le Mon's sexy and sassy vocal, it is a sin to not appreciate what the IsoNodes could do! One could easily discern the minute change in intensity of her seductive voice - even the faintest sigh was captured with realism! In fact, the IsoNodes give her voice more subtle dynamic touches and they do bring the music presentation much closer.

I'm having such a good time with the IsoNodes that I'm not giving them back. Sorry Leslie, they are mine! 

Contributed by: Lil' KC


TNT-Audio magazine IsoNode anti-vibration feet 
The best option is IsoNode feet beneath the CD player. The biggest improvement will be inserting IsoNodes between it and the shelf. This was the best sound so far. Even skeptical Heather rated them really highly, noting that she was surprised at how cleanly and clearly the triangle and temple bells could be heard on the Chesky Sara K album "Closer Than They Appear". The IsoNodes were tried, excelling once again with vocals and treble. The noise floor seemed lower. Midrange was clearer, sweeter and more natural. In every other parameter a veil lifted deeply understates the reaction of the listening panel. 
The Bright Star Audio IsoNodes do the best job of ameliorating the problems of structurally born vibration and acoustically induced resonant vibration in the player. They also make a whole range of much more advanced products, beginning with the IsoRock and progressing through various ranges, some tailored to specific products (VPI turntables, Cary & Jadis amps, etc.). 

The IsoNode anti-vibration feet were the winners with the Quad. The IsoNodes lifted several veils of noise and opacity right across the audible spectrum from bass depth to shimmering cymbals. Voices, particularly, sounded more evenly balanced with the IsoNodes creating a more natural, less congested mental image.

The soft flexible polymer IsoNode anti-vibration feet consistently made most difference to poor chassis. Almost every commercial non-suspended product sounded better on the IsoNodes. Generally, the Bright Star IsoNode feet majored on lowering the noise floor, improving treble purity and clarity, and especially rendering voices more realistic and natural. This applies under amplification and CD players and analogue tuners. You should install one set of them directly under the casework of any steel or aluminum cased audio component. Purely electronic components (tuner, pre-amp, power amp) in clangy cases benefited most from IsoNodes, preferably two sets, one each above and below the component. Readers who buy a couple of sets will spend a few happy evenings experimenting and then enjoy results that are more cost effective than replacing all their cables. I suspect they will then buy more until the whole system is treated. 

Reducing the effects of airborne and structure-borne vibration on all the components audio systems really makes a big difference to the musical effect. Vibration control interventions are cumulative. As more are applied throughout an audio playback system the effects add so that the total is greater than the sum of the individual parts. There seems to be no limit to the gains possible in ameliorating the problems caused by vibration. 

I would strongly recommend the IsoNode anti-vibration feet. 

Mark Wheeler - TNT-Audio magazine