Furutech: SK-FILTER

Et genialt antistatisk produkt til bruk under avspilling av vinyl/LP-plater.

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SK-Filter er et genialt produkt for oss som spiller vinyl. På grunn av friksjon mellom roterende plate og stillestående luft så genereres det statisk ladning (statisk elektrisitet), som øker underveis under avspilling av platen. Vi kan fjerne den statiske ladingen før vi spiller plata - med Furutech`s DESTAT III, men direkte under avspilling er antagelig SK-FILTER det eneste produktet på markedet som kan løse problemet med statisk som oppstår under avspillingen. 

SK-Filter LP Static Eliminator

The SK-Filter is the latest extremely effective analog playback treatment brought to you in the Furutech Select Series.

Simple fact: as LPs spin on turntables, friction with the air causes LPs to constantly gain a static charge - frictional static electricity for LPs can be as much as 3,000~20,000V. The revolutionary SK-Filter solves this problem in one simple spin of the turntable, eliminating the problem of electro static noise and deteriorating sound quality for good.

The SK-Filter, without even having to touch the surface of an LP, will dissipate a static charge on any LP into the atmosphere. It does this using 100% Thunderon® - a unique conductive filament material that consists of a very fine acrylic fiber chemically bonded with copper sulfide. The exact combination of fiber quantity and fiber length required for effective static elimination on LPs has been exhaustively tested to find the perfect balance.

The SKFilter’s super static eliminating brush with its well-designed, easy to use stand is the perfect complement to your turntable and your listening pleasure.

NOTE: SK-Filter’s fibers should not touch the LP. Please set the brush 1mm above the LP surface.