Furutech: Nano Liquid

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Forbedrer signaloverføring mellom to kontaktflater

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 High End Performance NANO Liquid Contact Enhancer

Revives old connections and improves new connections


Incredible Nano Liquid’s molecules are so tiny (8 nano-meters in diameter (8/1000000mm) they "fill up" any air bubble holes left during the plating process when brushed onto connectors. The result is much better contact between metal surfaces. Nano Liquid is a result of Furutech’s Total Attention to Detail regarding every aspect of signal transmission. Use only a little!

Illustration of Nano Liquid Efficiency: (See illustration below)

Squalene Oil can remove oxide and other debris etc. from the surface of metal, making the surface clean and free of pollution, thus activating the metal surface.

By applying the principle of atomic adsorption, Furutech uses gold & silver super-micro particles, adhering to metal surface evenly, they fill in any concave-convex sections on surface, increasing the electric conduction area and debasing impedance (Ω).

In addition this very stable liquid (Squalene Oil) forms a layer protective film on the surface of the metal, preventing oxidation. Utilizing this oils excellent adsorption properties gold & silver super-micro particles evenly adhere to surface of the metal.



Enlargement of Metal Surface