Sutherland: TIMELINE SE

Perfekt lasermåler for platetallerkenens omdreiningshastighet

NOK2 499,00 inkl. mva.


Note: While the Timeline SE boards were designed by Ron Sutherland and uses the same parts as the original Timeline this is not manufactured by Sutherland Engineering.  

A great orchestra depends on a great conductor to keep the note of every instrument playing exactly at the right moment. The pluck of a string, or the trill of a flute just a fraction of a beat off can ruin a performance. The emotion that touches the soul of the audience depends on this precision.

It was with this precision in mind, that the Timeline was born.

As an audiophile instrument designed to keep the finest of turntables running at exactly the correct speed, there is simply no equal. With a time-base accuracy of 2 parts per million, the Timeline is the very definition of precision. With this type of precision you know your music will be presented at the rhythm and pace intended.

"If sonic attributes such as pitch, rhythm, pace, tone, and dynamics are important to you, and you can adjust the speed of your turntable, in this reviewer´s opinion, the Timeline SE is an essential piece of kit" Michael Corsentino of Positive Feedback in his thorough 2019 review of the Timeline SE

The Timeline flashes its laser precisely 8 times per revolution at the selected 33 1/3 (or 45) speed. This projects 8 small line segments around your room. Find one that is easy to see. If your turntable is rotating at exactly the correct speed, the line segment is projected to the same place on every revolution. If, however, your turntable is too fast, the projected line segment will drift in a clockwise direction. If too slow, into a counter-clockwise direction. Adjust your turntable speed accordingly. The Timeline will also reveal any loading effects of stylus dragging forces.