Hannl: MERA ELB Eco 24V

Vaskemaskin for LP plater

NOK34 500,00 inkl. mva.


En MEGET effektiv og rask platevasker. Et uunnværlig produkt for enhver som ønsker å ta vare på platene sine og få best mulig lyd.
Stiften blir også spart med rene plateavspillinger.
Resultat - lenger levetid og sparte penger.
Jo renere platene er jo bedre lyd og jo lenger levetid på både stift og plate.

MERA ELB Eco 24V - med en ekstra sirkulær børste.

Dette systemet, med denne sirkulære børsten gjør disse maskinene utrolig effektiv.

En fantastisk effektivitet for å løse opp fett og skitt som har festet seg i platerillene.

De aller fleste har aldri opplevd hvor mye informasjon og hvor god lyd det er i en LP plate - da de aldri har spilt med rene plater.

For den vinylfrelste så er dette den beste tilbehør-investeringen man kan gjøre!

The further development of the Mera EL, now as Mera ELB with a rotation-brush in series and changed control panel with a pushbutton extra for the operation with the rotation-brush.

New Mera EL record vacuum cleaner

technically further developed using automatically adjustable rotation speeds

The housing is manufactured with high quality acryl. Optional; Black high gloss, transparent or coloured, (transparent or coloured versions with extra charge).

EL models have a new powerful electronic conreol that makes the difference to the Limited and Micro Edition.

Instead of a two-stage suction only and one fixed platter speed the new electronics offers (s) programmable cleaning and suction .This allows for a partially automatic operation of the cleaning cycles. Optimum values are programmed at the factory but can be changed easily . A reducing down to 1-2 revolutions per minute gives perfect suction results at 30% power in comparison to the Limited or Micro Edition running at 70-100%. Therefore the record is dry after only one revolution. Changing the rotating direction now has soft start and stop. This results in improved ease of use with less risk of any operating errors.

Lower power on the turbine due to a modified air guide as well as dampening of the chassis result in a further reduction of operating noise. Our cleaners are known to be the most quiet in the market. The optimised suction tube allows higher air flow with less turbine power and achieves better suction resulting in superior cleaning results. In addition there will be reduced friction of the velvet lips resulting in less static electricity.

This new electronics give better results in cleaning, increases durability of all cleaner-parts and also preserves your records.

- 10mm robust acrylic housing with aluminium edges
- optional black high gloss, transparent or coloured
- electronically adapting suction, also manually adjustable
- continuous adapting rotation speed, also manually adjustable
- solid CNC lathed turntable with right/left rotation
- integrated liquid tank with drainage hose
- integrated cleaning liquid tank with electronic pump
- automatic application of cleaning liquid
- double brushing head with exchangeable brushes
- high quality transformer with rapid safety shut-down
- antistatic record-turntable
- grounded suction arm
- grounded central record pivot
- soundproof (64 dB) at normal cleaning speed 
- 3 year warranty

"Centre pins as well as suction-arms of all our machines are earthed. This prevents any static charge of the vinyl record during the cleaning process."