Gold Note: MEDITERRANEO m/ B7 Ceramic tonearm (Demobrukt)

Platespiller inkl. Tonearm og støvdeksel - Valnøtt finish

Hentepris: kr 43000,00

NOK44 250,00 Førpris:NOK88 500,00 Rabatt -50% inkl. mva.
På lager: 1 stk.
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TUSCANY RED:  kr 58800,00 - Selges for kr 29400,00

Beauty and technical innovation merged in one creation

Mediterraneo shows Italian flair and distinction in its legacy of strong Tuscan origins, where beauty combines with the greatest attention to technical perfection.

Designed with a 60mm curved plinth in aged Italian Walnut: such unique woods offer exceptional elasticity, strength and high density, creating a strong union between places (Tuscan sea´s waves), people (local skilful craftsmen) and technology.



"Mediterraneo looks, sounds and makes one feel like a wonderful, high quality Italian product should. Chic and style plus many years of experience"
- High Fidelity


All curved plinths are precisely cut to find the perfect tuning of wood when interfaced with a 3mm stainless steel board.

The two elements are coupled toghether in 18 strategic points and the whole structure is completed with a 20mm thick black polished acrylic board that handles the electronic system of the turntable thus lowering total frequency resonance.

The curved wooden plinth elaboration was a labour of love and skill: our goal was to replace the traditional rectangular-shaped bigger plinth structure - and we did it!

Unparalleled curves results in extra rigidity allowing us to combine sophisticated technical design and elegant lines in a complete new way.

Mediterraneo benefits from the 12 volt synchronous motor developed for Bellagio Series: PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) transforms the power voltage in AC-DC-AC mode, enabling the best coupling of the two AC semi-waves literally annulling vibrations and allowing the highest motor torque possible.

Power Supply Unit electronically control 33rpm and 45rpm mode; speed fine adjustment stores settings in memory, even without AC power.

The new hourglass-shaped pulley in polished aluminium allows the turntable´s belt to spin smoothly, reducing even more the Wow&Flutter and the rumble.


"When I think of Italian high-end gear, I think style. Mediterraneo`s looks are exquisite, sound quality is excellent"
- Enjoy the Music


A 60mm platter Spindle/Bearing made with the best-hardened steel and bronze guarantee superior audio performances.

Recessed platter bearing, placed into the acrylic top plinth, keeps platter as close as possible to the structure, reducing rotation turbulences.

With a 45mm platter in black Sustarin - a special material based on PTE polymer, rigid high dampening at the same time - Mediterraneo features an extraordinary ability to reduce vibration feedback while the high mass of the platter provide great rotational stability.

Mediterraneo sets a new standard for turntables redefining the traditional skill of shaping into an audio creation the very essence of air and ground, from which its insipred design comes.

In our researches we designed Mediterraneo´s shape to achieve a new solution, one that was not simply improving sound performances but also reminding to the elegance and impetuous power of our sea waves.

Choosing this materials shows a dedication to our native tradition that goes far beyond musical dimension: this is our passion.


Exotic Design

60 mm Tuscan Walnut wood:
grew for 500 years in Tuscany - aged for 8 - handcrafted for perfection


"This beautiful device will allow you to enjoy the music and will look great in your room"
- High Fidelity


Triple tuned Plinths for audio purity

A massive structure made of 3 plinths: one 60mm curved wooden platform* exclusively handcrafted from ultra centenarian Italian Walnut trees** aged in hardwood slats for 8 years and stabilised in a thermal control autoclave to get 7% humidity in order to achieve perfect structural stability. The curved wooden platform is clamped with a 3mm stainless steel in 18 different points, then blocked on a 20mm black polished acrylic platform, for ideal control over vibrations.


"I highly recommend this turntable to anyone looking for a turntable in its price range, or above"
- Enjoy the Music

Test av Mediterraneo og PH-10 i POSITIVE FEEDBACK

Test av Mediterraneo, B5.1 og Donatello i POSITIVE FEEDBACK

Test av Mediterraneo i TNT Audio

Test av Mediterraneo i TONE AUDIO


Mediterraneo | Positive Feedback - Writer's Choice Award 2017


Mediterraneo wins the Writer's Choice Award 2017 on Positive Feedback!

"Truly, the Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage is a stunning bargain, and the partnering Gold Note Mediterraneo turntable is an absolute delight.
I'm fully confident that anyone hearing the Gold Note PH-10 phono stage and Mediterraneo turntable will agree that both deliver sweet, sterling sound and exceptional value. Decidedly worthy of my highest recommendation and Writer's Choice Award!”
 - Dean Seislove


Mediterraneo | Positive Feedback - Highly Recommended Product



Mediterraneo is Highly Recommended on Positive Feedback!

"All my music sounded simply wonderful. Clean and ever so there with a lively presence that was fast on its feet… pace and rhythm.  Details were in evidence and aplenty, though they were not forced or in the least bit analytical. Bass was deep, solid, and propulsive…I could find nothing to criticize.

Stable. Articulate. Fun. Resolving. Engaging. Style. Beautiful.

Highest recommendation as a system… as a whole. Combined with the PH-10 phono and you are set for years of musical bliss." - Dave Clark


Mediterraneo | TNT Audio



As a true Analogue expert, Geoff Husband has seen and used many turntables so we are particularly happy to know that he found mediterraneo to be a balanced, all-around performer!

"More general comparisons spring to mind, it has great pace without being frenetic (for example an Orbe lacks pace and a Xerxes lives for it), it keeps vocalists centre stage rather than pushing them slightly back like the Pro-Ject and has a nice way with imaging, not the biggest or widest soundstage, but something realistic and more important utterly stable – no doubt helped by the speed accuracy. I enjoyed all kinds of music with it – Jazz, Metal, Stravinsky, Gershwin you name it and at no time could I pin it down as a 'rockers' turntable, or something for chamber orchestra, it just handled it all with aplomb." - Geoff Husband


Mediterraneo | High Style (in Slovak, abstract in English)



Mediterraneo lands on the pages of High Style, matched with our B7 Ceramic tonearm and Machiavelli Gold as cartridge - text in slovak with english abstract

"Mediterraneo combines aesthetic appeal, elegance and modern design with the future in mind, thinking shapes and great materials. This combination is able to offer a gentle, powerful but still detailed sound, very well balanced throughoutthe bandwidth."