Gold Note: Tuscany Red

Low Output MC ( Moving Coil ) 0,4mV

NOK64 000,00 inkl. mva.
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“Tuscany Gold had a fine, beautifully balanced sound free of gross colorations, and it’s well designed and built...I thoroughly enjoyed the several months I spent listening to it”

“the Tuscany was firmly in the zone of tonal neutrality - just were I like cartridges to be - yet had a subtle, speedy richness that gave body and grippy striction to the well-focused aural images it produced”

“Its bottom end was fully and firmly extended, and superbly controlled. Its midranges was on the correct side of generous, and notably transparent”
— Michael Fremer - Stereophile

Gold Note Gold and Red cartridges represent Gold Note’s core direction pointing towards the creation of musically oriented micro machines”

“Tuscany Gold and Red managed to materialize a real space rather than the notional one too often associated even with some of the upper echelon cartridges, and they have layed down complex colors without taking the notion of vituperation”

“Tuscany Gold really reveals its eveness across the complete specter. Generous sonic portraits spreading outwards from a tight musical core came as surprise”

“Tuscany Red managed to deal with the gain through the proper amplitude rise. This is what sets high-end audio products above mediocre sounding ones. Quite an achievement at this price point”
— Matej Isak - Mono & Stereo

Tuscany Gold can be driven by quality active MC phono preamplifier without the need of Step-Up transformers due to its extra-light precision hand-wrapped pure silver micro-coils that enable 4ohm of internal impedance and 0.25mV of output level.
Tuscany cartridges feature an extra-thin Micro Ridge diamond tip developed with Adamant-Namiki, the world most famous professional Diamond manufacturer: the special multi faced shape cut guarantees the best deep vinyl groove contact possible.
The Diamond tip is mechanically inserted and blocked into a new telescopic Boron cantilever hold by a Titanium pipe, resulting in increased rigidity for the whole structure.

Every Titanium pipe is finely machined from a single block of metal in 4 spokes that handle the cartridge silver micro coils hilt by a Teflon spacer to achieve great rigidity while allowing a perfect alignment building precision for best tracking results.

The non-deformable harmonic steel cantilever suspension is blocked with a gold plated nut on the bottom side of the crossbar gold case positioned behind the micro-coils Teflon spacer to avoid unwanted vibration and improve even further solid groove tracking ability.

With thinner and longer gold-plated pin connectors, Tuscany is able to provide a wider ideal contact with the arm cinch to avoid energy dispersion and improve grounding for a surprisingly silent background that will show at best every single detail.

The body´s cube design offers fantastic structural rigidity and gorgeous style, it also makes VTA adjustments very intuitive and precise having a perfectly flat bottom line.

Tuscany´s 7050 alloy ultra-light body is injected with fluid polymers to provide a pronounced dampening control effect.

The Italian high-quality finishes and exotic structure of the Tuscany Series are designed to satisfy the most demanding ears for uncompromised musical pleasure.

Tuscany Red helped by its 20ohm high internal impedance and the 0.4mV output level can be easily matched with any MC active phono preamp without Step-Up transformers

Typology: MC Low Output Phono Cartridge
Output level: 0.4mV
Frequency response: 10-50000Hz
Impedance: 20 ohm
Suggested load: > 400 ohm
Compliance: 10×10-6cm/dyne
Channel separation: > 30dB
Suggested tracking weight: 1.8 to 2.1g
Cantilever: Boron
Diamond: Micro Ridge
Diamond size: 2.5×75μm
Coil Wire: Copper
Magnet: Samarium-Cobalt
Mounting hole diamond distance: 6,5mm

solid block machined hardened 7050 Duraluminium alloy

black body with red logo and name



Test av Tuscany i SUONO ( Italia )


Tuscany Gold | Stereophile


Tuscany Gold is on the cover of Stereophile #60 issue! 

"Tuscany Gold had a fine, beautifully balanced sound free of gross colorations, and it's well designed and built - Michael Fremer

Tuscany | Mono&Stereo


Our jewels reviewed at Mono&Stereo: two analog jewels for a real cartridge junkie!

"Red and Gold are mature, refined products and share the enticing qualities of MC’s: great balance across the spectrum and absence of artificial bass bump and with airy, natural transparency.
They represent Gold Note’s focus on music.

From ground up they’ve been designed to offer a perpetual listening experience." Matej Isak


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In depth review of first generation Tuscany by Audio - text in italian