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The PhonoBlock was introduced almost 10 years ago. It performs

beautifully and continues to please music lovers all over the world.

Then came an opportunity to make it even better.

The circuit remains essentially the same. Improvements focused on

providing a better environment to more fully realize its potential.

The best environment for delicate analog audio signals is LESS

environment. A compacted area for the circuit with minimal distance

between components is a big advantage. The musical signal will have the

tightest, shortest and purest connection from one component to the next.

Another performance necessity is a low impedance, low noise power

source for the amplifiers. That would be a bank of multiple film and

electrolytic capacitors. Ideally, they would be paralleled with very wide

copper traces and a very short distance from the amplifiers.

That´s a challenge. How to have a compact layout for the signal path AND

a large area for multiple power supply capacitors AND shortest distance.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to compromise. ONLY signal path

components are placed on the top side of the circuit board. With no power

supply capacitors on the top side, and a disciplined layout strategy, the

signal path is optimally short and direct. A large bank of power supply

capacitors is located on the bottom of the circuit board. All of the copper

area on the bottom side is dedicated to forming a robust power plane that

is located right under the amplifiers.

The tighter signal path gives uncluttered purity and the robust availability

to power gives effortless ease to dynamic expression. These

improvements bring the listener even closer to the music.



49,9 Ohm

100 Ohm

200 Ohm

475 Ohm

1000 Ohm

47500 Ohm 


Gain Settings:

45 db

50 db

55 db

60 db

63 db

67 db


Test av PhonoBlock hos Stereophile - oktober 2016

Test av PhonoBlock hos Stereophile - Januar 2012

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