Sutherland: MCX

MC RIAA - med Step UP Transformator ( SUT )

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The new MCX Phono Preamp optimizes the inclusion of moving coil step transformers in vinyl playback.
– Ron Sutherland


Like so many people, I had assumed that moving coil step-up transformers were a relic from the past. Well-designed, modern phono preamps can achieve plenty of gain at very low noise AND a very intimate connection with the music.
Adding a step-up transformer into the signal path seemed like an expensive, unnecessary, and detrimental complication.
But, contrary to this, the popularity of SUT (Step Up Transformer) is on the upswing. So many people were telling me how putting a good SUT in front of their phono preamp brought out a rich, lush and emotive character that was completely seductive. People were passionate about the sound quality.
I realized it was time to take a serious look at the role a SUT could play in vinyl playback.

LOAD Settings:

50 Ohm

100 Ohm

200 Ohm

300 Ohm

475 Ohm


GAIN Settings:

60 db

66 db