Sutherland: INSIGHT


Prisreduksjon fra kr 23100,00 til kr 20 500,00 - på grunn av styrket krone mot USD

NOK20 500,00 inkl. mva.
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There comes a tipping point of accumulated knowledge that insists upon a new product. Insight gained from the design of preceding phono preamps opened up a new possibility.

Pride of ownership and sublime performance–way beyond its modest price.

LOAD Settings:

100 Ohm

200 Ohm

1000 Ohm

10 000 Ohm

47 000 Ohm

GAIN Settings:

40 db

45 db

50 db

55 db



Insight testet hos Positive Feedback

Insight testet hos Stereophile

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Stereophile, October 2016Class B Recommended, Editor Tested, Audiophile Approved, A-OK Product

Insight Phono Stage, by Peter Davey @ Positive Feedback

Sutherland Engineering Insight Phono Preamplifier, by Michael Dudley @ Stereophile

Sutherland: Greater than Average Insight, by Art Dudley @ Stereophile

Stereophile, December 2014: Stereophile’s Products of 2014 Analog–Insight, Runner-up

Stereophile, April 2014Class B Recommended, Editor Tested, Audiophile Approved, A-OK Product