NOK69 800,00 inkl. mva.


FET Phono Preamplifier 06X


  • Latest variant of the 06 phono stage, featuring substantial active and passive component upgrades
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs
  • Switchable loading and gain for use with all cartridge types
  • Multiple paralleled input FETs for exceptionally low noise
  • All FET voltage gain with bipolar current gain
  • No overall feedback
  • DC-coupled design
  • Wide bandwidth regulated supply with AC EMI and RFI line filter
  • Double-sided gold-plated circuit boards
  • All anodized chassis

The 06X is a phono preamplier o-ering balanced and unbalanced

inputs and outputs and very low distortion, highbandwidth

perfomance with all possible loading combinations.

The 06X supports low- and medium-output moving-coil and

moving-magnet cartridges.


- Frequency Response: +/- .2dB of RIAA

with subsonic rollo- off @14Hz



- Distortion:  <.01% from 20Hz to 20kHz

- Gain: Unbalanced Output:  37db / Balanced Output: 46db

LOAD Settings:

22 Ohm

47 Ohm

100 Ohm

1000 Ohm

47000 Ohm


GAIN Settinges:

Low / Low

Low / High

High / Low

High / High