Gold Note: PST-10

Oppgradert strømforsyning til alle Gold Note platespillere.

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External Power Supply for Turntables

An external power supply that guarantees ideal operating conditions for Gold Note turntables.

PST-10, the super inductive power supply designed for all Gold Note low voltage powered turntables, will increase the sound quality of your analogue set up significantly with its pure energy.

Dual Choke Design

Our proprietary technology removes the impurity and the interferences that inevitably trouble the AC power system.

Modular Design

PST-10 can be used with all Gold Note low voltage turntables.

4 Transformers

3 are dedicated to the power supply and 1 to the inductive filter for pure audio applications.

PST-10 has been engineered with the best quality audio-grade components to enhance the performance of Gold Note Turntables and improve your audio system getting the very best music experience out of your LP’s.

PST-10 features a proprietary Dual Choke design powered by a double inductor driving the negative and positive high current stages and featuring an inductive filter on the analogue stage.

The power supply performs 4 transformers, 3 of which are strictly dedicated to the power supply while 1 transformer exclusively powers the inductive filter and the chokes.


The Gold Note proprietary Dual Choke design perfectly filters the signal voltages in order to eliminate all the possible electrical pollution. The PST-10 uses its massive power supply to shield the turntables from electro-magnetic interferences thus insulating it effectively from the AC power system.

To enhance the performance to their best, the PST-10 is supplied with a silver core custom cable powering the turntable.  The 1.5m long cable allows positioning the PST-10 conveniently on its dedicated shelf in the selected stereo system always preserving the highest audio quality.

The large, ultra-clean power enhances super low noise, greater dynamic, better resolution and finer details for a more realistic High-End audio performance and pure audio pleasure.