Djabe: Live In Blue - With Steve Hackett, Gulli Briem and John Nugent

Artikkelnr.: GR-116-2

Gramy Records - Audiophile Recording - Dobbel (2) CD

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Gramy Records

Djabe With Steve Hackett, Gulli Briem* And John Nugent ‎– Live In Blue



The recordings made at the Down And Up stereo and surround tours during 2012 – 2014. This is the second part of the Djabe: Live in Blue LP, 2CD, DVD, Blu-ray and five disc box series. The length of the two CDs together is 158 minutes. There is only 32 minutes common content with the LP. The 2 CD contains 80 minutes music not can be found on the Blu-Ray. Djabe in 2012 in connection with the Down And Up album release started a concert series in Hungary, Europe and Canada. The tour lasted until the summer of 2014. The gigs are often joined by friends of the band. Steve Hackett played guitar from Genesis, Gulli Briem of Mezzoforte added drums and percussion, living in New York the Canadian born saxophonist John Nugent (Tony Bennett, Ella Fiztgerald) completed the list of guests. The Miskolc concert on 10 November 2013 was particularly unusual because the Miskolc Symphony Orchestra and Sára Kovács on flute also contributed to the program. The 2CD represents each stage line-up of the all the gigs.

Artist Djabe
Tittel Live In Blue
Sjanger World
Mastret av  
Format CD
Antall plater 2
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Gramy Records 
Utgivelsesdato 2015
Platenummer GR-116-2
Spilletid 78:40, 78:20 
Diverse Miscolc Symphony Orchestra
Nr          CD 1             TID
01 Down And Up   
02 Dark Soup  
03 Awakening City  
04 Take A Deep Breath              
05 No Chance For Dance   
06 Almi & Kitti   
07  Five Months Later              
08 I Remember   
09 Hills Of The Valley   
10 Angklung In The Sun   
11  Tears For Peace              
12 Firth Of Fifth   
   TOT 78:40
Nr CD 2   
01 Walking Away From Rainbows   
02  Ace Of Wands   
03 Jacuzzi   
04 Overnight Sleeper   
05 Take On   
06 Wind And Bell   
07 Altitude Synergy   
08 Indian Experience   
09 End Of A Beautiful Day   
10 Hang Drum Song   
11 This Is Not America   
12 Butterfly   
13 House On The Hill  
14 Urban Jungle  
15 Lava Lamp  
16 Scenes  
17 Los Endos  
18 Hortobágy At Winter  
19 Clouds Dance  
20 First Step  
21 Distant Dance  
  TOT 78:20