The Ru-Jac Records Story Volume Three 1966-1967: Finally Together

Artikkelnr.: 0816651013142

Omnivore - CD

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Volume Three, Finally Together: The Ru-Jac Records Story Volume Three, 1966–1967 contains 25 tracks, 11 of them previously unissued. The other 14 tracks are derived from 45s issued by the label as Ru-Jac hit its stride, and includes songs by Rita Doryse, Kitty Lane, Gene & Eddie, and Sir Joe among others. Best

Artist The Ru-Jac Records Story Volume Three 1966-1967 
Tittel Finally Together 
Sjanger Soul
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Format CD
Antall plater
Plateselskap Omnivore
Utgivelsesdato 2. februar 2018 
Platenummer 0816651013142 
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01 Wait Till Then  Rita Dorsey 
02 When I'm Alone  Rita Dorsey 
03 Please Let Me Love You  Rita Dorsey & The  Bob Craig Combo
04 Goodie Goodie  Rita Dorsey & The Bob Craig Combo 
05 Born To Be Loved  Rita Dorsey 
06 It's Love I Need  Kitty Lane 
07 Sweetheart  Kitty Lane 
08 The Feeling Is Gone  Kitty Lane 
09 Finally Together Ru-Jac Records Artist 
10  Searching  Ru-Jac Records Artist 
11 Go Away Palygirl (Take 5) Winfield Parker
12 I Would Cry  Gene & Eddie 
13 I Tell You  Gene & Eddie
14 Sweet Little Girl  Ru-Jac Records Artist 
15 Sweet Little Girl Winfried Parker With The Shyndells Band
16 My Love (demo with backgrond vocals) Winfield Parker
17 She's My Girl (Demo) Winfield Parker
18 Lightning (Part 1) The Shyndells
19 Ooby Gooby The Shyndells
20 Never never Leave Me Ru-Jac Records Artist
21 Do The Roller Leon Gibson
22 Working Hard Leon Gibson
23 Nobody Beats My Love Sir Joe
24 I Can't Stay Away The Caressors
25 Who Can It Be The Caressors