Jimi Hendrix: People, Hell & Angels

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Analogue Productions - Audiophile Recording - CD/SACD (Hybrid SACD). Kan avspilles på vanlige CD spillere

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Analogue Productions

Jimi Hendrix´s People, Hell & Angels Hybrid Stereo SACD

12 previously unreleased Hendrix tracks recorded from 1968-70

People, Hell & Angels and Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69 first-ever Jimi Hendrix hi-res digital releases! From Analogue Productions and Experience Hendrix LLC

Showcases Hendrix working outside of the original Hendrix Experience trio. Some of Hendrix´s finest guitar work ever released!

"Another superlative posthumous package made better by Analogue Productions, the perfect companion to Machine Gun, this gathers together 12 tracks from 1968-9. The reason it mates perfectly with Machine Gun is the lineup: this is the precursor to Band of Gypsys, with primary players Buddy Miles and Billy Cox. The link to The Experience, then nearing its finish, is Mitch Mitchell on a few tracks; and Steve Stills guests too. All unreleased material, including some delicious blues and fresh interpretations of known songs, all superbly recorded, this is a truly rare occasion when one can tell even the hard-core Hendrix fan that it's a must-have." — Sound Quality = 90% — Ken Kessler, HiFi News, August 2017

People, Hell & Angels is an essential album premiering 12 previously unreleased studio recordings by legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. And now it and a newly-issued Hendrix title, Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69 are arriving on Hybrid Stereo SACD, the first-ever Hendrix hi-res digital releases!


People, Hell & Angels is a collection of previously unreleased studio recordings; the album peaked at No. 2 on Billboard's Top 200 album chart in March 2013 following its release.

People, Hell & Angels showcases the legendary guitarist working outside of the original Jimi Hendrix Experience trio. Beginning in 1968, Jimi Hendrix grew restless, eager to develop new material with old friends and new ensembles. Outside the view of a massive audience that had established the Experience as rock's largest grossing concert act and simultaneously placed two of his albums in the U.S. Top 10 sales chart, Jimi was busy working behind the scenes to craft his next musical statement.

These 12 recordings encompass a variety of unique sounds and styles using many of the elements — Hendrix toys with horns, keyboards, percussion and second guitar — that Jimi wanted to incorporate within his new music. People, Hell & Angels presents some of the finest Jimi Hendrix guitar work ever issued and provides a compelling window into his growth as a songwriter, musician and producer.

The tracks on People, Hell and Angels originally were planned to serve as a follow-up to Hendrix's 1968 album Electric Ladyland. Hendrix died at 27 in 1970 before those plans were realized.

The dozen previously unreleased Jimi Hendrix performances premiering on People, Hell & Angels include "Earth Blues," "Somewhere," "Hear My Train A Comin'," "Bleeding Heart," "Baby Let Me Move You," "Izabella," "Easy Blues," "Crash Landing," "Inside Out," "Hey Gypsy Boy," "Mojo Man" and "Villanova Junction Blues."

With an album title coined by Hendrix, People, Hell & Angels reveals some of Hendrix's post-Experience ambitions and directions as he worked with new musicians — including the Buffalo Springfield's Stephen Stills, drummer Buddy Miles, Billy Cox (with whom Hendrix had served in the 101st US Army Airborne and later played on the famed R & B 'chitlin circuit' together) and others — creating fresh and exciting sounds for the next chapter in his extraordinary career.

"In ‘68 and ‘69, Jimi was in the studio constantly," recalls his former sound manager, Eddie Kramer. "His whole life was in the studio."

Album producers Experience Hendrix LLC is led by the team of Janie Hendrix, Eddie Kramer and John McDermott.

The track titled "Somewhere," — featuring Stephen Stills and drummer Buddy Miles — displays a particularly bold usage of Hendrix's soulful guitar squall. "That's a fantastic example of Jimi's amazing control of the wah-wah [pedal], the tone of the wah-wah — how that affects the whole song," Kramer tells Rolling Stone.

Lastly, as Rolling Stone notes, the album artwork is simple, yet as distinct as Hendrix's signature guitar wails. Be experienced yet again.

Artist Jimi Hendrix 
Tittel People, Hell & Angels 
Sjanger Pop / Rock 
Mastret av  
Pressing Plant  
Format CD / SACD  (Hybrid SACD )
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Analogue Productions
Utgivelsesdato 2016 
Platenummer CAPP 73982 SA 
Nr          TITTEL       TID
01 Earth Blues  3:34 
02 Somewhere  4:06 
03 Hear My Train A Comin'  5:42 
04 Bleeding Heart  3:58 
05 Let Me Love You  6:50 
06 Izabella  3:43 
07 Easy Blues  5:57 
08 Crash Landing  4:15 
09 Inside Out  5:04 
10  Hey Gypsy Boy  3:39 
11 Mojo Man  4:07 
12 Villanova Junction Blues  1:48