Olga Konkova: Return Journey

Artikkelnr.: LOS 106-2

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Losen Records


Olga Konkova solo piano

All music composed by Olga Konkova


CD: LOS 106-2
EAN: 7090025831065

Recorded and mixed March 2011 by Espen Amundsen at Pettersens Kolonial Lydstudio
Mastered by Hein-Ivan Mikkelsen at Mediaboden
Produced by Olga Konkova
Front cover photo Finn Aasum

Olga Konkova was born in Moscow 1969. She started her music education in her hometown and later at Berklee in Boston. She moved to Oslo in 1994. Her fi rst CD release is “Flow” 1997, on The Norwegian Curling Legs label. Then she had three releases in a row on The English Candid label: “Her Point Of View” 1991, Northern Crossing” 2001, “Some Things From Home” 2001. Together with Per Mathisen she released “Unbound” in 2006, on The Austrian Alessa label. In 2009, she released a CD with solo piano improvisations with music inspired by Joni Mitchell on The Swedish Caprice label.
In 2010 we had the pleasure of releasing her fi rst CD on Losen Records, “My Voice”. This CD received fantastic good reviews and several reviewers had it the best jazz release in Norway 2010.


Artist Olga Konkova
Tittel Return Journey
Sjanger Jazz
Mastret av Hein-Ivan Mikkelsen at Mediaboden
Format CD 
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Losen Records 
Utgivelsesdato 2011
Platenummer LOS 106-2
Spilletid 58:05
Diverse Innspilt Mars 2011, Pettersens Kolonial Lydstudio
Nr          TITTEL       TID
01 Preface: Long Road 5:50 
02 In A Country, Far Away  3:58 
03 At My Request  5:21 
04 My Heroes  4:39 
05 Way Back When  3:57 
06 Wither Are You Bound?  3:01 
07 The Collective Inconsiousness  4:22 
08 Bright & Shiny  5:25 
09 Return Journey  4:45 
10  Seen From The Past  5:18 
11 Divine  3:37 
12 Lost And Not Found  2:38 
13 Epilogue: The Tale Has Been Told  5:14