Sheffield Collections: Div artister - The Sheffield Pop Experience

Artikkelnr.: SL 10053-2

Sheffield Lab - Audiophile Recording - CD

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Sheffield Lab

The Audiophile Reference Series

Sheffields`s 20+->16 Ultra Matrix Processing is a mastering technique that extracts more information from our analog or 20 bit digital tapes, to be encoded and transferred to the CD master. The  process "folds down" 20 bits of digital information onto the 16 bit CD medium using Sheffield`s own 20 bit converter and an Apogee UV22 processor. This combination creates the truest, most accurate CD master from the original analog or 20 bit digital source recording.


Artist Diverse Artister
Tittel The Sheffield Pop Experience
Sjanger Diverse Sheffiled Lab 
Format CD
Antall plater
Lydkvalitet Audiofil
Plateselskap Sheffield Lab
Platenummer SL 10053-2 
Nr          Artist TITTEL       TID
01   Tower Of Power What Is Hip  4:45
02 Lincoln Mayorga Dock Of The Bay  2:29
03 The Power Of Seven Mockingbird  5:03
04 Michael Ruff Any Less Than This             4:48
05 Clair Marlo `Thil They Take My Heart Away  4:14
06 La Mass Choir Life Is What You Make It  5:53
07  Bill Champlin Good Friends             5:05
08 Sheffield Track Team Wise To The Lines  4:00
09 Phil Perry Show Your Children Love  3:57
10 Freeway Philharmonic Good Vibrations  4:23
11  Thelma Houston I`ve Got The Music In Me             2:39
12 Mona Lisa Young Dancing In The Street  4:18
13 Bill Champlin Time Will Bring You Love  4:29