Gold Note: Mediterraneo på plass i demoracket

Tonearm: Gold Note: B7

Pickup: Gold Note: Tuscany Red

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Ja - mange mener ihvertfall det

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- Sort lakkert MDF bunnplint - m/B5.1 tonearm:  kr 60600,00
- Valnøtt bunnplint - m/B5.1 tonearm:  kr 66000,00
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- Sort lakkert MDF bunnplint - m/B7 tonearm:  kr 69900,00
- Valnøtt bunnplint - m/B7 tonearm:  kr 75500,00
- Hvit lakkert MDF leveres kun på bestilling:  

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Charm that doesn’t fade
While first impressions can be great, they sometimes fade after a while, and not every turntable (or romantic interest) remains a great party guest. We’ve had the Mediterraneo here for nearly six months and have played every kind of music imaginable through it, with nearly a dozen different combinations of phono stage and cartridge. It remains a favorite. This is a table that you can listen to from morning until night and not get tired of it.

Simple, beautiful, effective
Because Gold Note has been making gear for so many years, they bring considerable manufacturing expertise, offering products that show considerable refinement. While we’ve been impressed by everything they’ve sent us, the Mediterraneo is truly something special. If you want a turntable that does more than just play records, that is truly a work of analog art, this is the one for you. It deserves to be put on a pedestal and enjoyed while listening.
...Tone Audio


Highest recommendation as a system… as a whole. Combined with the PH-10 phono (reveiwed HERE) and you are set for years of musical bliss.
...Positive Feedback


“Anyone hearing the Mediterraneo turntable will agree it delivers sweet, sterling sound and exceptional value. Decidedly worthy of my highest recommendation and Writer’s Choice Award!”
“this beautiful device will allow you to enjoy the music and will look great in your room”
...High Fidelity

“I highly recommend this turntable to anyone looking for a turntable in its price range, or above”
...Enjoy The Music