Pris pr par SOLAN skaper ved riktig plassering en hysterisk bra sene / stereoperspektiv!!!

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The Solan floor-standing uses (as in all Solan series speakers) an un-damped vented cabinet that is allowed to vibrate in a highly controlled manner so that it is in sync with the output of the drive units. This energy is used as part of the reproduced sound. The total output is taken into consideration in the crossover design, with the result of the speaker sounding completely transparent.

In the middle of the cabinet sits a vertical baffle with an acoustical aperture designed to break up standing waves—a crucial element in achieving natural sound. The rear facing bass reflex port was designed to be directly in-line with the rear of the bass/mid unit to reproduce tighter, more articulate bass, but also provide a more realistic sound and presence to the midrange.

Morel’s innovative Lotus grille*—inspired by the lotus flower—is used to protect the Solan’s tweeter.

The Solan floor-standing features a 1-inch (25mm) soft dome tweeter fitted with a neodymium magnet system. This driver’s smooth frequency response and lack of high “Q” (sharp) out of band resonances provides a very natural response to the high end.

The midrange unit is a 5-inch (130mm) driver equipped with a large ferrite magnet driving a lightweight composite paper cone.

The bass is handled by a 6-inch (150mm) driver that utilizes a large ferrite magnet and a composite paper cone. This driver is optimised for low frequency reproduction with exceptional response range considering its size.

The crossover technologies are borrowed from the reference speaker – fat lady – represented by having all the drive units maintain a positive phase, providing a unified sound while using multiple drivers. Optimizing the phase performance through the crossover regions also helps to preserve the sound stage even when sitting off-axis. Finally, eliminating resistors in the signal path allows for the highest resolution so all the important dynamics and drama of the original sound play through.

* The Lotus grille is a registered design protecting Morel’s intellectual property.


3-way 4-unit floor-standing loudspeaker

MDF Vinyl cabinet, coated paint glossy piano finish front baffle.

Acoustical Loading
Bass; single port reflex. Midrange ;single port reflex

Drive Units
Bass: 6 ½” (160mm) rear vented ferrite motor. Comprised of a lightweight paper cone doped with a polymer composite. The diaphragm is fitted with a 100mm domed dust cap and surround. 

Midrange: 5¼” (130mm) rear vented ferrite motor. Comprised of a lightweight paper cone doped with a polymer composite. The diaphragm is fitted with a 75mm domed dust cap and surround.

Tweeter: High frequency unit, low resonance coated soft dome, ferrite magnet motor. 1″ (25mm) voice coil.

Frequency Response
30 – 20,000 Hz

Nominal Impedance
4 ohm

Nominal Power Handling
140W RMS

Sensitivity 2.83 V/1 M
88 dB

150 Hz / 18db octave 2200 Hz / 12 dB octave

Dimension (WxHxD)
7″ x 37″ x 11 ½” (178mm x 940mm x 292mm)

White Pine, Black Ash, Dark wood

NET Weight
14.5 Kg