Morel: OCTAVE Signature F

OBS:: monitorene har en misfarging i lakken i fronten-derfor ekstrem rabatt!! SE TILLEGGSBILDE

Må hentes hos oss / eventuell frakt kommer i tillegg


NOK9 900,00 Førpris:NOK48 795,00 Rabatt -80% inkl. mva.


Det viser seg at begge monitorene har en misfarging i fronten, som vi må anta er en lakkeringsfeil.  På grunn av dette selges hele høyttalersettet til ekstrem rabatt.  Man kan kanskje omlakkere de??

2 stk Octave Signature B + 2 stk Octave Signature sub ( Octave Signature F ) =  kr 43795,00

Leveres inkl Black Magic Cables custom Jumpers til dette settet:  Verdi kr 5000,00

Denne høyttaleren består av OCTAVE Signature Monitorhøyttalere sammen med en spesielt designet bassmodul der man plasserer monitorhøyttalerne oppå bassmodulene. Altså - bassmodulen fungerer dermed som stativ for monitoren pluss som basshøyttaler (sub-woofer)

Strålende elfenbeins-hvit høyglans finish.


Profiled to allow the Octave Signature Bookshelf to sit on top to create a single visual structure, the Octave Signature Subwoofer takes up no more floor space than a pair of speaker stands. 

Technical highlights include Isobaric loading which reduces the cabinet size by half for the same bass extension. A built in passive crossover designed to create a seamless transition from the Octave Signature Subwoofer to the Octave Signature Bookshelf. 

The all-new audio drivers deliver enhanced and controlled, accurate bass frequencies with the quality, dynamic impact of the original recording, placing you right at the heart of the action. 

The Octave Signature Floor-standing speakers include a pair of Octave Signature Bookshelf speakers and a pair of Octave Signature Subwoofers. 
An external amplifier, the Morel Signature AMP 250, is also available making the subwoofer adjustment much easier.


◆ OCTAVE Signature BOOKSHELF Specifications 
◆ OCTAVE Signature SUBWOOFER Specifications 
◆ Signature AMP 250 Specifications 
Type 2-way freestanding loudspeaker 
Construction MDF polymer, coated cabinet with separate chamber for each drive unit. 
Acoustical Loading Double port bass reflex 
Drive Units Woofer: 5¼"(130mm) rear-vented system. Double ferrite magnet motor. One piece integrated dome and surround cone, made of damped polymer composite. 3" (75mm ) aluminum Hexatech™ voice coil and Morel´s external voice coil (EVC) technology. 

Tweeter: Mid/high frequency unit, low resonance soft dome, Acuflex™ coated, vented double magnet neodymium motor. 1⅛" (28mm) Aluminum Hexatech™ voice coil and Morel´s EVC technology. 

All units are shielded with low magnetic stray field 
Frequency Response 20-22,000Hz (40-18,000Hz ± 1.5 dB) 
Nominal Impedance 4 ohm 
Nominal Power Handling 120W RMS 
Peak Power Handling 1,000W 10m/sec 
Sensitivity 1 W/1 M 86 dB 
Crossover 2200 Hz / 12 dB octave 
Dispersion Within 1.5 dB - 18,000 Hz
Horizontal: over 60° 
Vertical: over 20° 
Dimension (WxHxD) 7" x 12½" x 12¾" (175mm x 315mm x 325 mm) 
Weight 15.4 lbs (7 kgs) each Octave unit 
Finish Black, white and red piano finish 

Construction Isobaric and port-loading reflex cabinet
Drive Units Two 9" (222mm) flat-profile woofers with 3" (75 mm) Hexatech™ aluminum coil and rear-vented Hybrid (neodymium and ferrite) double magnet motor 
Nominal Impedance for a full floor-standing system 4 ohm 
Nominal Impedance for bi-amp configuration system 2 ohm 
Nominal Impedance 4 ohm 
Power Handling 250 W RMS 
Peak Power Handling 1000W 10m/sec 
Frequency Response 20-100Hz 
Crossover 200 Hz / 18 dB octave 
Dimensions (W x H x D) 7" x 27" x 12¾" (17.5 x 70 x 32.5 cm) 
Weight 37.4 lbs (17 Kg) 
Finish Black White and Red piano finishes