Gradient: R-5 ( Den nye REVOLUTION ) Inkl. Black Magic Cables

Inkludert custom made Black Magic Cables / Speakon høyttalerkabler

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NOK132 000,00 inkl. mva.
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Så kom endelig neste generasjon Gradient REVOLUTION, nå med navnet R-5
REVOLUTION MK1 ble lansert i 1993, altså 30 år siden og nå er vi oppe i MK5 - etter 30 år
R-5 (MK5) er fullstendig redesignet i forhold til de gamle trekantede høyttalerne.

Standard tilkopling av høyttalerkabler er med Neutrik Speakon kontakter
Speakon kontaktene gjør at det aldri er mulig å kortslutte kabelen og dermed kortslutte forsterkeren og ødelegge denne

Vi leverer R-5 med Black Magic Cables, høyttalerkabler, spesielt designet for disse høyttalerne, til kr 15000,00
Leveres selvfølgelig også uten kabler, for kjøper selv å ordne den kabelen han vil bruke, altså med Speakon kontakter

Pris for R-5 uten medfølgende kabler er kr 117 000,00 ( inkl moms )

Gradient R-5 må vel være tidenes mest romuavhengige høyttalere med sine individuelle posisjonsmuligheter for både toppmodul ( mellomtone/diskant ) og bunnmodul ( bass )

Toppmodulen på R-5 er den samme som på 1.4 og har samme mulighet for total fleksibilitet vedr vinkling i alle plan

I motsetning til den gamle trekantede REVOLUTION er nå bassmodulen på R-5 også sirkulær ( ikke helt rund ), og det vil si at man kan vinkle bassen trinnløst i flere retninger i langt større grad enn med gamle REVOLUTION.

Det helt unike med denne løsningen er at man kan vinkle bassmodulene individuelt i forhold til hverandre, sånn at f.eks den ene bassmodulen kan peke rett fram eller mot lytteposisjon mens den andre bassmodulen kan vinkles på en helt annen måte.  
Dette er spesielt nyttig om ( når ) man har helt forskjellige akustiske forhold rundt den ene høyttaleren i forhold til den andre høyttaleren.  
På denne måten kan man mer og lettere enn noen gang oppnå lik frekvensgang fra begge høyttalerne.
Tror ingen andre høyttalere på markedet har denne unike muligheten til å skape en uavhengighet til rommet høyttalerne står i.

Topp modul (kule) ( mellomtone/diskant )
Grill: Svart 
Topp modul (kule): Svart eller hvit

Bunn (bass) modul:
Topp og bunn plate  Hvit
Overtrekk: Svart 


Antall  2 stk 
Antall kartonger 3 stk 
Drifts-type  3-veis 
Kabinett-type  Åpen løsning for bassen
Spredningsmønster diskant 

Hjerteformet / retningsbestemt - kontrollert via mellomtone-elementet diskanten er montert i. ( coax ) ( waveguide ) Kontrollert Spredning

Spredningsmønster Mellomtone Hjerteformet - kontrollert via det unike kammeret elementet er montert i.  Kontrollert Spredning 
Spredningsmønster Bass  Dipol.  Kontrollert Spredning 
Kabinett materialer   

30Hz - 20 000Hz  +/-2db 
-6db ved 20Hz
Strekker seg til OVER 50kHz

Anbefalt forsterkereffekt 50 - 250W 
Følsomhet   88dB/2.83V/1m
Impedance  6 Ohm -  minimum 5 Ohm
Mellomtone / Diskantelement type
1 x 25mm aluminium/magnesium dome
Mellomtone  1 x 176mm coated papir av siv
Bass-element 2 x 300mm / 12" 
Produsent av høyttaler-elementer  SEAS / PEERLESS / Gradient 
Delfrekvens  200Hz og 2500Hz 
Terminaler  Neutrik SpeakON
Romstørrelse Medium / Stort
Farge topp modul ( kula ) Sort eller Hvit
Farge/Finish treverk Bunn-Topp/Bunn Hvit
Farge / Finish trekk over bunnmodul Svart
Dimensjon                                         H 104cm x B 42 x D 32cm 
Vekt  35 kg pr høyttaler 


▌ Conclusions

THE GRADIENT R-5 SPEAKERS have a special ability to vanish from the listening room. They do not draw attention to themselves in any way, leaving us alone with the music. They can be set up in pretty much any way, and they will still play optimally. When set precisely, they will disappear.

Although they are quite large, they do not exude bass. The bass is quite low, but above all it is precise and clear. Unlike in many other designs of this type, one does not have the impression that this range is detached from the rest of the band. To tell you the truth, if I didn't know there were woofers in the bases, I might not have known that – up to the point in the recording where it goes lower at the lower end and the full range can be heard.

All this is because the Gradients offer intrinsically complex and refined sound. It's worth helping them out with a selection of electronics if you want to fill out the low mids, but it's not necessary. They themselves sound like one broadband driver, but without the unevenness and coloration heard with most designs of this type. It is a very, very successful design for virtually any music.
High Fidelity - Polen


Gradient Revolution series has been a unique combination of advantages of a big panel loudspeaker and a mini monitor. Turnable and open dipole bass section with coaxial upper unit differs dramatically from ordinary loudspeaker designs. With these unique principles Revolution was designed to be extremely room independent. The first version of the Gradient Revolution was introduced in 1993. The new passive Gradient R-5  is a continuation of the success story.


The bass part of Gradient Revolution loudspeaker consists of two 12" long throw woofers. They are assembled on an open baffle giving the low frequencies a "figure eight" or dipole radiation pattern similar to most panel loudspeakers. These two woofers operate up to 200Hz.

An ordinary box speaker radiates in all directions at low frequencies. This has the unfortunate effect of generating standing waves in all dimensions. In the typical listening room, standing waves distort the sound at frequencies below 200Hz. Gradient Revolution does not excite standing waves between the floor and the ceiling, it can only generate them in the direction of the radiation pattern.

The woofer section of the Revolution can be rotated and directed to minimize undesirable standing waves in the listening area. This ability to "tune" out standing waves in the bass is unique. The result is a smooth articulate bass response which has correct musical pitch and dynamics.

When compared to the conventional closed box or bass reflex systems you will get the same sound pressure level at only one third of acoustic energy. Thus the room colouring effects are much less annoying and your neighbour will hear less of your bass lines.


The new Gradient Revolution is utilizing our latest coaxial technology. A 176mm pre-coated reed paper cone handles frequencies up to 2.5kHz. High frequencies from 2.5kHz to over 20kHz are reproduced by a 25mm Al/Mg-dome tweeter placed at the apex of the midrange cone. Such a point source is generally accepted as an ideal sound source for its excellent phase and amplitude response. The end result is an extremely accurate, stable and three dimensional soundstage.


To minimize reflections from the speaker cabinet, the coaxial element is mounted in a spherical enclosure. The sphere is an ideal form with no structural interfaces and discontinuities. Symmetric spherical housing leaks “anti sound” from the opening behind the sphere, cancelling backward radiation and early reflections from the surfaces behind the loudspeaker. Thus from 200Hz up, the speaker radiates sound mainly in the forward direction. The rear radiation is effectively damped by having a power ratio of 100 to 1. Special attention has also been taken that the radiation patterns are consistent at all frequencies. In a nutshell: the room influence to the sound remains very small giving the new Revolution a very similar sound characteristic in many different rooms.




The frequency response of the Revolution at the listening position is extremely flat; but this alone is not sufficient for Gradient. Every speaker radiates at least some sound in all directions. If the energy response of a loudspeaker has peaks and dips, the reverberant sound field will be uneven, coloring the music. Frequency response measured in all directions must be linear - as with the Revolution - in order to ensure linear energy response.


Gradient Revolution can be positioned in the room like a panel speaker. In this case one or two meters from the rear wall is beneficial. Unlike panel speakers, the bass section of the Revolution can be several ways allowing for unique control over unwanted standing waves. If a panel speaker is positioned near the rear wall the bass output will be attenuated strongly and the midrange will be colored by early reflections.

Gradient Revolution overcomes both of these problems. When positioned against the wall the bass section will be faced toward the adjacent wall. The bass can be attenuated by increasing the distance from the rear wall and fine tuned by rotating the speaker a few degrees. Due to the radiation pattern at middle and high frequencies, unwanted early reflections are not created. The music will remain smooth and open with correct timbre as with conventional panel speaker positioning.


You can choose speakers with either traditional binding posts or a high-quality Neutrik speakON connector. 

We manufacture speaker cables with different lengths. Speaker cable lengths can be selected by the customer when making the order. Bi-amping is possible when 4-pole cable and speakON connector are selected. The speaker connector is located at the bottom of the speaker, from where the speaker cable can be routed freely in the desired direction or even directly to the floor structures if one want the cable to be out of sight.


The new Gradient Revolution is stylish whether the woofers are directed to the side or front. The easy-to-connect speaker connector is located on the bottom of the speaker, from where the speaker cable can be routed freely in the desired direction or even directly to the floor structures if one want the cable to be out of sight. The new Gradient Revolution is designed and manufactured in Finland. Needless to say that special attention has been paid to the quality and finish of all materials.


Product Details

Data sheet

Make And Model
Gradient R-5
Frequency Response
30-20000Hz +/-2dB, high frequency limit above 50kHz.
Crossover Frequency
200Hz and 2500Hz
6 Ohm, minimum 5 Ohm
Recommended Amplifier Power
2×300mm long throw woofer, 176mm pre-coated reed-paper cone midrange, coaxial Al/Mg dome 25mm.
Radiation Patterns
Bass: dipole, midrange & treble: cardioid
Binding posts or four pole Neutrik speakON connectors
Dimensions (WHD)
42 × 104 × 32cm
Room Size
Medium - Large
Suitable For Home Cinema
Made In