Gold Note: A6 EVO (Demobrukt)

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Vi selger ett sett av våre egne demohøyttalere. Ca 2 år gamle. Perfekt tilstand og finish. Original emballasje.

Italian Floor-Standing Speaker

A slim loudspeaker with a modern Italian look for excellent sound performances

Made in Italy

Design, elegance and quality at the top of the category. A6 EVO are made by the best Italian cabinet makers.

Medium Spaces

A loudspeaker specifically designed for middle sized listening rooms. Positioned not too far the posterior wall, A6 EVO performs incredibly clean, analytic and powerful mid-ranges.

Big Soundstage

With measurements similar to the ones of a bookshelf speaker, A6 EVO performs a surprising lower extension thanks to its integrated sub-woofer.

Great Sound Quality

The High-End audio quality and the unexpected extension of the bandwidth turn it into a complete loudspeaker in every respect.

A6 EVO is a new floor standing speaker, inspired by the previous A6-XL model, which offers greatly improved performances while retaining some distinctive features such as the sub woofer integrated into the cabinet that allows a great bass extension and a dynamic response even with a decidedly low volume and thus excelling in its category. The modern aesthetic and the furniture finishes are of highest quality, distinguishing the elegance of our brand and providing an unalterable quality over time. Bring the Italian music experience into your home and enjoy a natural and smooth sound!


A6 EVO is a new floor standing speaker, inspired by the previous A6-XL model from which it inherits the best design solutions. A6 EVO is a slim speaker, 108cm high and just over 20cm wide that’s why it can fit easily into any listening room.

A champion of its category for audio performance, the A6 EVO features a stunning diamond-shaped cabinet design with glossy lacquered side panels.

A6 EVO are made by the best Italian wood artisans. For the refined wood veneer we have chosen a glossy lacquered Italian Walnut and or alternatively an elegant black glossy lacquer, that more than anything distinguish the Italian style as well as guaranteeing a very high resistance over time.


The use of higher performance drivers and the new crossover design have allowed achieving a very high audio quality.

All drivers are produced by the best manufacturers in the world, custom made for Gold Note.


The new 5″ front mid woofer drivers manufactured by SEAS in Norway are made of treated paper, a ventilated aluminum basket and a long excursion coil. The speakers have a vented design featuring a precisely machined aluminium rear reflex port.


The internal 6″ sub-woofer is located in a separate sealed chamber with tuned cavity (symmetrical load) capable of increasing the lower extension to top levels of its category. The reflex port is faced to the floor generating a hemispherical emission, significantly minimising the problems of positioning the speakers from the rear and side walls.


The 1″ Audax silk dome tweeter features a coil cooled with ferrofluid, aluminum flange and ceramic magnet. The silk dome has a profile of a catenary curve to ensure a playback free of break-ups and an extension above 20kHz. The passive components included are hand-picked to match loudspeakers with very low tolerances.


The crossover has a 12dB/octave set up at 60/2000 Hz range and uses components made exclusively by Mundorf and Clarity.


A6 EVO is designed to be inserted in mid and relatively small rooms not too far from the back and side walls. In these conditions, even though the speaker features small drivers, the A6 EVO is able to provide an extended, deep and powerful audio performance.

We recommend 50 watt amplifiers or even less once of proven quality, devices capable of ensuring the qualities typical of A6 EVO: transparency, control and musicality.