3 veis dipol høyttaler med fulltone bånd-elementer inkl. 2 stk "Special Edition" eksterne delefilter + bedre kabler

NOK2 268 000,00 inkl. mva.



The transparency and imaging of the best planar speakers.
The dynamics and low distortion of the best big horns.
The tonal balance of the best monitors
The efficiency you need to use almost any amplifier.
The authoritative bass of a big cone woofer.
All of this in a coherent sound like a single wide-range transducer.

The best is in the middle (“In medio stat virtus” the Romans used to say) so in normal size rooms, from 25sqm (250sqft) to 100sqm (1000sqft) we recommend our BOTTICELLI model.

The two panels size is quite classical: 0.64m (25″) wide and 1.77m (70″) height, with a total of 0.9sqm (10sqft) woofer surface on the two channels and weight of 115Kg (255lb) per channel.

High sensitivity of 94dB makes possible to use virtually any amplifier.

It is possible to upgrade to Botticelli X buying the two external passive crossovers using an exclusive topology patent pending by OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS, also umbilical connections between speaker and crossover are made with OMEGA AC NANO extra cables.